23 May, 2014

[Walkthrough] 10 Days with my Devil - Tsubasa Shirai

Main Story

Episode 1
Do angels and demons hate each other?
That is one of the reasons…

Episode 2
You have the most amazing smile.
Ask Seiji.

Episode 3
I don’t have time for it anymore.
It’s all right, I guess.

Episode 4
It’s no problem at all.
Are you being serious?

Episode 5
You seem like such good friends.
Is something bothering him?

Episode 6
I thought you might be tired.
Why are you saying this?

Episode 7
All right. I won’t ask.
That’s rich coming from you.

Episode 8
Yes and no… It’s complicated.
They’re people I work with.

Episode 9
I have a lot on my mind.
Go and get them.

Episode 10
You’re a pretty nice guy.
I’m fine.

Episode 11
I thought I was fine.
Think this through a little.

Episode 12
I’m sorry to have worried you.
It flew by.

Episode 13
Look at Tsubasa.
I don’t know what I’m doing.

Episode 14
I could never hate you.
You’re more old-fashioned than I thought.

Episode 15
Don’t hide who you are.
What’s going to happen to Tsubasa?

Super Happy Ending


Episode 1
Sounds good!
 I want to, but...

  Episode 2
I might.
No, I'm not.

Episode 3
We talked a bit.
Do you really want this?

Episode 4
Did Tsubasa change?
It's just so cute!

Episode 5
Ask about Tsubasa's problems.
I might be a bit late.
Episode 6
This character's difficult
Episode 7
It's not like that!
 You don't have to forget!

Episode 8
You can do it, Tsubasa!
No, thanks.

Episode 9
Hug him gently.
We'll go with the flow.

Super Happy Ending

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