May 3, 2014

[Walkthrough] Serendipity Next Door - Masaomi Hibiya

Main Story

Episode 1
You’re pretty demanding.
Of course not.

Episode 2
Should we go to Lowson’s ?
What program is it?

Episode 3
I was going to hang up a curtain.

Episode 4
Thank you!

Episode 5
Sorry, I didn’t tell you where it was.
I’m just surprised.

Episode 6
Are you that jealous ?
I’ll clean up.

Episode 7
It’s not gruel, it’s risotto!
I’ll just sing the chorus!

Episode 8
He was a jerk.

Episode 9
What do you want in them ?
Thanks for saving me.

Episode 10
It’s your imagination.
I guess you’re right.
Episode 11

No, but…

Episode 12
Want to eat something ?
Long time no see…


Episode 1
My boyfriend.
Treat me to a gourmet dinner.

Episode 2
 You’re a bully!
You looked tired.

Episode 3
I’m fine.
You pretended to be asleep!

Episode 4
I’m not depressed...
I’ll stick with Masaomi.

Episode 5
Sorry I made you worry.
Keep being Omi.

Episode 6
Did you miss me?
I have a boyfriend.

Episode 7
Someone who cherishes me.
I’m sorry.

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