May 3, 2014

[Walkthrough] Serendipity Next Door - Shinobu Narita

Main Story

Episode 1
Are you guys dating?

Episode 2
I’m fine.
He was just helping me.

Episode 3
Get it.

Episode 4
  I’ll be your girlfriend.
What am I to you?

Episode 5

Episode 6
I don’t know...
Be stunned that your clothes are see-through

Episode 7
What is the meaning of this?
It’s not impossible, but…

Episode 8
That’s right!
Is that how it looks?

Episode 9
Lean against his shoulder
It’s just nice.

Episode 10
Did something happen?

Episode 11
Don’t look at the letter
Call out to him

Episode 12
I don’t know...
It won’t take long.


Episode 1
Hold Shinobu’s hand
Gently decline

Episode 2
It doesn’t matter as long as we’re together.
I have something to do.

Episode 3

Obediently close your eyes

Episode 4
Can you?
I want to ask you something.

Episode 5
I’m sorry.

Episode 6
Look more
Do you really mean that?

Episode 7
It’s complicated.
Just stay here.

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