June 20, 2014

[Walkthrough] Serendipity Next Door - Jinpachi Yushima

Main Story

Episode 1
Let's just calm down here.
Can I help?

Episode 2
Explain this to me.
Say goodbye then go home

Episode 3
What happened with yesterday's photos?
I feel sorry for your girlfriend...

Episode 4
Don't be a weirdo!

Episode 5
Because he's a pro.
I won't know unless I try.

Episode 6
Obediently open your mouth

Episode 7
It's not going to happen.
No clue...

Episode 8
I don't know...

Episode 9
Take my handkerchief.

Episode 10
What about you?
You won't leave yet, right?

Episode 11
I'm hungry!!
I'll work hard to pay you.

Episode 12
What do you think you're doing?
Don't kiss anyone but me!


Episode 1
Probably busy with work.
My eyes were closed.

Episode 2
Stop them
I put extra effort into it.

Episode 3
Want some?
Location scouting?

Episode 4
My pics
I thought I might as well dress up.

Episode 5
Want some coffee?
Next to Jinpachi.

Episode  6
You think so?
Have you seen Jinpachi?

Episode 7
Don’t cry
Where is he now?

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