24 July, 2014

My Sweet Proposal - How to Play?

The game is rather complicated at first glance. Let me try to explain the basics:
There are 4 different things that are important in this game and you have to keep an eye on, if you want to advance the game, because there are checkpoints or special stories where you need a certain amount of it: 
  • Love Points: Love Points are some sort of Money, you could say, in this game. Other than Platinum, which is real money, you can earn it by completing the "Bridal Lession", greeting friends or from the "Daily log in Bonus".
  • Engagement Strength: You can earn it by completing the "Bridal Lession". The right amount will be needed for the "Engagement Strength Trial".
  • Affection Points: You can earn it by choosing the right answer. The right amount of Affection will decide which Ending you will achieve. Also it will be needed for the "Premium Route: Special Scenario".
  • Charm: You can get it by buying clothes/avatar item or when you play a gacha and get an item.
You can controll your LovePoints, Engagement Strength (for the route you are currently playing & ES total), Charm, Gacha & Affection Points and your total love progress (= which Ending you will get) on the MY DATA -page. 

Bridal Lessions:
20 Stamina Points need 1 hour to be recovered. So if you wait 5 hours, your stamina will be fully recovered. Healing Rose oil you can get as a gift on the 6. 13. and 19. day of logging in. Invite as many friends as possible to be sure to have at least a couple of powerful and daily playing "comrades" when it comes to play against your rivals. You and your friends Engagement Strength decide, if you win or loose the Lession. After completing the Lession a few times, your Engagement Strength will grow and it will be easier for you to play against other players

You will come to the point where a "Extra Treasure" - Story appears. However, if it's your first time playing this route, you won't be able to read it. You'll get access to these Scenario's, once you finished the route with the Good or Proposal Ending, and play the route again. I know this sounds unfair, but this is Okko's way to make sure, that their players keep playing the game... (Thanks Rebecca on tumblr for his explanation!)

Remember that you can spin the Love Gacha FREE ONCE PER DAY . If you want to spin it again, you have to use Love Points to pay for it. Since you need them to clear Avatar Missions, I suggest to save your Love Points and spin the gacha when it's free. Also you get Gacha points by playing the "Bridal Lession" and if you daily log in on the 10. 16. and 22. day. There are different gifts you can get, 
but mostly you will get "Avatar Pieces", which you can trade to get Avatar clothes/items. The Items you'll get change from time to time.
There are also "Sweet Date" or other special Gacha's, where you can read a special short story once you dress in the gained cloth. BUT you have to buy Gacha-Tickets with Platinum for it.

Daily Log-In-Bonus: Every day you'll get free gifts if you open up the app. You don't have to play the game, if you have no time. Just open the app is enough to get the gifts.

Invite a Friend: You'll get special gifts, if you invite Friends. Just make a game review or post your Invitation Code on Facebook/tumblr/twitter/wherever you want.

You can switch your route anytime you want. Your avatar items remain and you can still use them. HOWEVER, to change the route, you need a "Switch route ticket" which you have to buy with Platinum.


LIMITED TIME ONLY! You can get this Stnading Mirror with 10 Charm Points for FREE. Go on My Page to the "Sales Packages - 50 % OFF!" page and scroll down to the "Diamond Pack". Purchase it for 0 Platinum! (I think it's a bug but who am I to complain about getting s.t. for free, hehe)

(*Note: If there still is something unclear or you need a better explanation, please write to me anytime you want! -> dawnire@gmail.com)


  1. When you cleared a route and redo it again, do you lose your love points, engagement strength, charm and affection points? or do that carry through? I just want to know before I continue if I need to use up my love points etc. and also when you redo the route again, do you keep all your items in your closet and the items in the wedding page?

  2. How do I use Avatar pieces. I get them all the time but I am unclear as how to use them.

    1. It's simple: Click on "Menu" on the right upper corner and then on "Change Avatar" un the second row. All you have to do now, is to collect enough Avatar pieces to trade them for the Item you want. ^^

  3. I am barely starting a story and it won't let me pass through without purchasing a costume. I don't wish to purchase it so I don't know how to continue without buying it.

    1. I'm afraid you can't proceed in the game without buying the costume first. This game is made in a way, that you have to buy certain avatar items from time to time, to pass the checkpoint.

  4. Thank you for the response, I'll just install a differnet okko game app before I get too invested.

  5. How do we get gacha tickets rather than buying it with platinums? Some people say that we can get gacha tickets if we unlock gold and platinum sheet..but how to unlock them?? How many times we have to clear the routes and which end should be cleared- Normal end,true end or proposal end?

    1. I'm sorry, I haven't played this game in a long time, so I can't really remember. It would be best, if you asked Zenri on their Blog, since they kow more about the game than I -> https://blah-bidy.blogspot.com/2014/07/sakura-ryoichi-cgs.html