13 July, 2014

Shall we date?: Ninja Love + How to Play?

Let me repeat my advices from the Main Page:
  • DON'T waste your money on clothes. You'll get some once Solmare releases spin offs.
  • Log in every day to receive daily bonus gifts.
  • Make a review and add your ID. If s.o. adds you, you'll receive gifts.
  • Complete missions for more gifts.
  • Do Training to get Token and Charm Level.
  • Save your money for the checkpoints. 
  • Have heard of the "Promotion Bonus"? When Solmare releases a new (+) game, and you install and play it, you'll get bonus gifts for it. You'll fins more information about it, once the new game is released.
  • Like "Shall we date" on Facebook to receive special gifts.


  1. Hi, I want to know if this is like the other free games where you can only play for a certain amount and have to either buy more or wait another day if you run out of 'tickets'?

    Also since this is a paid version, are there any advantages or is the storyline just better?

    Hope you answer! I really love otome games but I can never keep with them because I'm too impatient with waiting everyday to play more.

    1. Hi there!

      Yeah, this is one of those games. You can only play a limited amount of Episodes and then you have to wait until you can play again. The are called the "+ Version" and if you look at their icon, their frame is red. The Paid version has a white frame.
      No, the Paid Version has the exact same storyline. The only advantage is, that you can read the stories in one go and as often, as you like.
      Hahaha, yeah, I know what you mean. I don't like waiting either, especially when you come to a very interesting part iin the story. Therefore I mostly buy the Paid version stories, or search for free games, where you don't have to wait. ( Such games are very rare...veeeeery rare).

  2. Hello can you please tell me how to complete mission? What should I do? I don't understand the game but I really enjoying the story ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    1. You just need to fullfil the requirements. You can read on this page under "Get past checkpoints!" what you have to do to to get past them.