26 July, 2014


Hello Everyone!

This is a SPECIAL THANK YOU! page where I want to give credit to all the people/visitors/guests/blogs/bloggers/forums/webpages/editors and other helping sources for my blog.
I made the OTOME OTAKU GIRL-Blog with the idea in mind, to share the joy and fun I have while playing all the wonderful Otome games. I didn't do that for my own benefit, but to share joy and happiness.
However, I too am only a normal person with normal daily chores and work to do. That leaves me only a small amount of time to make Walkthroughs on my own.
That's why I'm always especially glad when someone helps me by sending/ posting me their Walkthrough's & CG's or tell me about mistakes and other problems on this blog.
I also re-posted Walkthroughs and Pictures from other web pages but only after getting permission to do so! I neither own them, nor claim them to be mine. Credits go tho the original authors and of course the game companies who made the games.
If there is something you want to tell me, either to improve my blog or if there is something that bothers you about it, please write to me:  dawnire@gmail.com

Before I start to list everyone, I want to give a special Thank You! to the six people which helped and contributed the most for my blog. THANK YOU Cathrin, Debra, Samantha and Hope! Without you this blog wouldn't have so many post, Walkthrough's and Pictures! I'll be forever grateful to you!

Cathrin made most of the Walkthrough's on this blog and who still provides me with updates, Walkthroughs and pictures, so a big Thank you to Cathrin for helping me for so long and for still being there and helping me! <3

Debra also has her own Website, dedicated to the Shall we date?- games -> Shall we date? Otaku Please, also take a look at her Blog, she spends a lot of time and work on creating it and even sends me her Walkthrough's and CG's! Thank you Debra for for all your hard work ! ^^

Samantha for Walkthrough's and support after the Voltage crisis. She too has her own Blog -> Otome Queen! You can also follow her on Facebook, tumblr and twitter or you could take a look on her YouTube channel!

Hope sent me (and still does) lots and lots of CG's and Walkthrough's. Thank you for all your that!

Finally here is the list of people I want to say a big THANK YOU, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!!! You are all awesome!

Last Update: 03.06.2018

  • khimmymiii on deviantArt for the chibi's I use for my Invitation Codes (they are sooo cute! I hope you keep drawing them!)
  • The editor of the super cute "Chibi Maker" (please check out!) which I use for some time now to have a trendy Avatar ^^


AAAAAll my tumblr Hero's which are never tired to post the newest stuff. I want to especially thank following people/bloggers/editors/blog owners:
  • Amy for helping me with the Otome- Birthday Calendar
  • Kathleen for the "20 Question for Akito"- MFW and more
  • Rebecca  for explaining the difficult gameplay of "My Sweet Proposal"
  • Tomeyfor the latest news, gifs, CG's and captions 
  • Ama for CG's, captions and updates about "Shall we date?" - games (your so lovely and funny, I'm your biggest fan!)
  • Mio for the "A Prince's Proposal" Walkthroughs (sadly there is hardly anyone out there playing it, I guess) 
  • Maddie for "Destiny Ninja" spin off Walkthroughs
  • Hana also for "Shall we date?" CG's 
  • small footsteps at a time for the Prince's Birthday time line
  • X-mun for making me laugh with your funny Tatsuro-fanart
  • All my other 150 tumblr friends I follow, respect, enjoy and laugh with. Thank you for Walkthroughs, CG's, captions, infos, gossips, laughter, fanarts and many more! Sorry if I forgot to mention someone! I still am grateful from the bottom of my heart for all of your work and support!
  • The most important Blogger-page where I am a great fan of and want to thank the most for all the captions I couldn't find elsewhere:Zenri & Jillrosa
  • Otome iOS For helping me after Voltage took everything down. 
  • Steph from Two Happy cats for contacting and swapping blog links ^^



The BEST Otome Gaming Forum ever!!! Seriously! I promise! You can talk about any Otome-game you want, get all important infos about them, check out news, Walkthroughs and CG's. I so, so, sooo love this page because you can finally speak with people as crazy as you about for Otome games! Please feel free to join the Forum!
Everyone (and of course especially the owner of this forum) there has my deepest gratitude for adding, editing, commenting and informing us all about our beloved games. My special thanks go to:
  • Aiwethryne for helping me making the first few steps in the world of editing a web-page (and for the patience to repeat again and again to me how to use [hide] [center] and [rimg height]
  • joanie for explaining about the Invitation codes of the Voltage games
  • gS.Sumire, Lilwyn, Magna Carta, Full Moon and xaaax. Thank you for your work, they make many people (including me) very happy, so please keep going! 

  • Thanks for all the updates about upcoming games! 

I tried to add the Opening Movie for every game on their Main Page. However, some of the games don't have one, so I decided to add at least the Prologue of the game for those of you who haven't played the game and want to see first if the game is to your liking before downloading it. I did add the channel for every clip I used, but I want to thank everyone here again:

(Adding in progress)

Of course I want to give my thanks to one of the greatest, funniest, best, most amazing otome-company ever! Thanks for all your cool "Shall we date?" games! Please check also out their Facebook and YouTube page!  I don't own their CG's or other contents I used from their games.

Another one of the best otome company. I used their game descriptions, video's from YouTube and given News, CG's and other infos from their Facebook page. (I hope you keep providing us all with new games and updates.) I don't own their CG's or other contents I used from their games.

I used the MC of their game "Love Acadamey" as my mini-Dawn on pages where I want to explain something. Also my Avatar is from the same game and belongs only to their company. Feel free to check out their Facebook page (they have some funny riddles there too!) I don't own their CG's or other contents I used from their games.

I added their games and want to add more of them in the future. Okko you can also find on Facebook. I don't own their CG's or other contents I used from their games.

Other Pages:
I'm afraid, I can't add every source I used, since I often browse through the web on my way home. However, I'll try my best to give credit to the rightful owner/editor. Here are now various pages I used while searching for news, CG's and Walkthrough's:
  • Anna for the Walkthrough of "Days of the Divine". I really hope the company who made this game will add some more games soon!
  • Aiwethryne for help with "Shall we date?: Destiny Ninja"
  • corlee for "Shall we date?: Ninja Love"Walkthrough's
  • Picmonkey, where I edit some CG's
  • Photoscape, which I use to create almost all the icons
  • japaneseemoticons.net for all emojis

All the other amazing people who let me know about mistakes, helped improve the blog and sent me their WT and CG's or posted them here (sorry for everyone I forgot to add!). This blog would certainly not be what it is today without the huge amount of help I get sent via email, so I want to thank them here again:
  • Lyndsey for letting me know that "Magic Sword +" has a "Super Happy Ending" and not a "Sweet Ending" like in the paid version (even if the CG + Story is the same... oO)
  • fanfikerfan for telling me about the mistake I made while adding a spin off
  • Catie For Wakasa's CG (Ninja Assassin +) and for letting me know about the missing answer for Kokonoe's route (Never Look Back) and the mistakes in Furutsugu's (Scarlet Fate) route. Also for most CG's of "Princess Arthur", CG's from "Pirates in Love" and Mel's CG's from "Wizardess Heart"!
  • Shannon for helping me with "My Forged Wedding-Party"
  • Da Storyfrikk for telling me about the missing answer in Takeshi's (DDIWT) Main route and the not working link of "Ninja Love+"
  • Stefanie for her help with Wakasa's Main Story walkthrough 
  • Natalie for letting me know about the mistake and the right choice in Akifusa's Walkthrough   
  • Noah for telling me about the wrong information about Alan. 
  • Crystal & Joselynn for sharing their answers of Ethan's Spin off 
  • 8oni for Saizo's Spin off Walkthrough
  • Anonlauren burke for helping with Jun's Spin off Walkthrough
  • Sarah for Sora's (MSB), Suien & Yataro's (Eternal Vows) and Okita & Hijikata's (Era of Samurai) Walkthrough 
  • Samoaya for so many Walkthrough's and CG's (still need to add some you sent me!) -> "KBTBB", "Astoria", "Gangsters in Love", "Butler Until Midnight", "Sakura Amidst Chaos", "Be my Princess", "After School Affairs", "Scandal in the Spotlight", "My Last First Kiss", "Bad Boys do it Better", "Enchated in the Moonlight", "My Forged Wedding", "First Love Diaries", "Star Crossed Myth", Dreamy Days in West Tokyo" and "Shall we date?: Pirates in Love"
  • Aiko for Trevor & Hibiki's (SITSC), various "Star Crossed Myth", Kyobashi's NYC Sequel (Metro: PD) and Seiya, Rheo, Nozomu & Wataru's (When Destiny Comes Knocking), Chiaki's (OTBS) as well as all Sequels for "HLITF" and Jin Namba's, Wilfred's (BMP) Walkthrough's!
  • Princess Mew Mew for Riki's (LLFTX) and Chimera & Cerberus's (Astoria) Walkthrough and all the Walkthrough's of "Kiss me on Clover Hill"
  • Yashi Sepu for quizzes from "Guard me, Sherlock!
  • Seiran for sending me everything about "Grim's Princess", "My Elemental Prince" and "School Wonders Romance" (Walkthrough's, CG's and even Screenshots)
  • Heather for Iori, Nagito & Fumito's (SITS), Tsumugu's (OTBS) Walkthrough and the Walkthrough for the "10 Days With My Devil" -Sub Story: 5 Days a Human
  • Gisella for Takao & Haruka's Walkthrough
  • Kellie for Vincent & Leon's (Wizardess Heart+), Kaito & Ayu's (Destiny Ninja 2+) Walkthrough
  • Walisson for tons of  Shall we date CG's (Lost Alice+, Modern Cinderella +,
  • Deb-chan for "First Love Diaries" & "Dreamy Days in West Tokyo" Wakthrough's and especially for becoming one of my bestest friends <3
  • Iman for her Walkthrough of Asano & Kazusa (Metro PD) and Yamato (My Wedding and 7 Rings)
  • Renee for Ichika's (Ninja Assassin +), Sherlock's (Guard me, Sherlock!) and Ukyo's (Ninja Shadow +) Walkthrough
  • Carrie for Vincent's CG's
  • Jessica for posting and sending me Iori, Kota & Takashi's (SITS) Walkthrough's
  • Nanaby for so SOOO many CG's of various otome game companies (there are so many, I still haven't added all (^^,') 
  • LandeeAO for the Sory S3 Walkthrough 
  • Kylie for Sigurd's CG's and Keiji's (Sengoku Darling), Krioff and Tauxolouve's (SCM), Rhion's (KBTBB) and Sanosuke, Saito, Isami & Takasugi's (Era of Samurai) Walkthrough and especially for the CG's of "Eternal Vows"
  • Sakura also for a lot of Shall we date? CG's (Ninja Shadow
  • Mamiko for Shunichiro, Toshiaki, Go and Toma's Walkthrough from "Irresistible Mistakes" 
  • Yashi also for Go and Toma's Walkthrough and for Hikaru's (KBTBB) Walkthrough and CG's (although sadly I'm not allowed to post them here)
  • All Fandoms Fangirl for Tauxolouve's (SCM) Walkthrough 
  • Ravyn for Miyabi (EITM) and Yasumi & Masaharu's (Dangerous Seduction) Walkthrough's
  • Rachel for the Spin off CG from "Oh my hero!" in "Wizardess Heart"
  • Elizabeth for sending me ALL CG's and Walkthrough's of "Love and Conspiracy", "My Angel Romance" and "My Memorial Lover"!
  • Annie for Hidetaka's (After School Romance) Walkthrough
  • Banana for sending me everything about "Reverse Alice" (CG's + Walkthrough's)
  • Annilee for Daichi and Subaru's (MSB), Zyglavis (SCM) and Cyprin & Astraeus's (Astoria) Walkthrough
  • Jennifer for Galahad's CG's from "Princess Arthur"
  • Cal for the missing CG in "Eternal Vows"
  • Annie for Hidetaka's Walkthrough (ASA) 
  • Nekoo Chan for Chiharu's Walkthrough (ASA)
(Adding more in progress) 

Thank You!


  1. I really love your page
    it's help me to see another story, thank you so much

  2. I really love your page
    can i have a request??
    can you please put the main story of yoh from Finally,Inlove again???
    i really love the story..

    1. Hi Anon!

      Thanks for liking my blog! :)
      If you mean to make a video from Yoh's Main Story, then I have to refuse. I'm really sorry, but I don't make any clips since they will be removed eventually for sure. And that's really a pity if you consider how much time it takes to make one. All I can offer is a Summary I intend to do. :)


  3. Replies
    1. YES!!! I love Mr. Hayao Miyazaki's works and Spirited Away is just wonderful. To tell the truth, I even made a Papercraft Yubaba (the witch) XD How'l moving Castle is even more awesome and it's one of my favourit movies. I'm currently making the big Papercraft Castle (I already made the little one, hehe). What about you? Do you like Mr. Miyazaki's movies?

    2. I don't like them... I LOVE THEM!! In fact have 7 of his films, one of which is Spirited Away.

    3. WOW! I only have Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke and How'l moving Castle which I like the most because I already loved the original novel from Diane Wynne Jones, long before Mr. Miyazaki made the anime/movie adaption. But I've of course also seen Totoro, Pom Poku, Kiki, Laputa and some more where I can't remember the name. What I like the most about his works is the art style. It's so simple but without being boring and the background and nature is very carefully made. I know he put's a lot of work in his movie. Once I've see the "behind the scenes" from Spirited Away and he explained, that for Chiriro's movements, he studied his friends daughter while she was playing and used her movements for the movie. I think you can see that dedication in the movie, and that makes it so special :)

    4. To be honest I have 8 studio Ghibli films in total, I only said that I had 7 of his films mainly because out of all eight films one is Pom Poko which was directed by Isao Takahata. So in a way I have 7 of Miyazaki's films and only one of Isao's films. Also by Laputa, do you mean the film Castle in the Sky?

  4. I changed my blog URL and my Tumblr URL. Facebook hasn't changed cause it won't let me. :I

  5. Wait, now my facebook is different. I deleted the old on and got a new one

    1. Yes, I noticed (I was spying on your Blog, hehe ;) - just kidding). I'll chage your infos now! Sorry that I still haven't send you a reply, but I'm already halfway through, yay! I hope I can send it to you the next two days :D

  6. Hi~* thank you for your reference. your blog is amazing too! I love it! ♥♥♥

  7. Hi, I just found your beautiful blog... and it helps me alot.. Can we be friends? Good Job.. And the others who share their walkthrough..

    1. Hi there!

      Thanks for your kind words. Yes, I wouldn't be able to post all those Walkthroughs and CG's without the help of many wonderful people who support and encourage me. I'm very grateful for them and for all they do for me.
      Of course we can be friends ^^ I hope you keep having fun with the games!


  8. hi there,
    i have some pictures from the stories you blog on that i see you don't have can i send them to you so others can enjoy them too

    1. Hi there!

      Sorry for the late reply! I would be very glad, if you send me those pictures! ^^ Thank you so much for wanting to help this blog and all the visitors who enjoy the pictures! You can just send me a mail with the CG's to: dawnire@gmail.com


  9. Hi there! I like your blog.. thank you for walkthrough ^^