24 July, 2014

[Walkthrough] My Sweet Proposal - Masaya Todo Season 1

(*Note: Special Thanks to truelighthikari & Hope for the Walkthrough!)

Season 1: Main Story

Chapter 1: He's the Worst!

1.03 Thank you for your concern.
I accept it. (+5)
This much?!

1.04 Extra Story
180 Platinum needed to unlock

1.08 What do you mean by this!?
When did I end up as your bride?
I have no recollection of you proposing to me. (+5)

1.14 I see your point, but...  (+5)
You should've helped me!
I'm sorry...

Chapter 2: A Tender Heart

2.03 You didn't even ask my permission!
Th-Thank you...?
You're well prepared... (+5)

2.04 Special Scenario
20 Affection Points needed to pass

2.06 Engagement Strength Trial
2,000 Engagement Strength needed to pass

2.06 We'll sleep together... (+5)
You sleep on the sofa, please...
You better not do anything.

2.14 I'll forgive you.
Are you really sorry?
I want to talk with you, Todo.  (+5)

Chapter 3: Expectations

3.03 You're right.
I can't say it anymore. (+5)
I won't say that.

3.04 Extra Story
180 Platinum needed to unlock

3.05 Avatar Trial
Premium: Flower Bikini (Charm +20) - 300 Platinum
Normal: Tricolor Bikini (Charm +10) - 150 Platinum/ 2,500 Love Points

3.07 Special Scenario
35 Affection Points  needed to pass - Get a CG!

3.09 L-Let go of me.
I'm fine now.
I can't escape. (+5)

3.14 Let's go home together. (+5)
You don't have to be that way...

Chapter 4: Sound of Love

4.02 Avatar Trial
Premium: White Dress (Charm +20) - 300 Platinum
Normal: Aqua Blue Dress (Charm +10) - 150 Platinum/ 3,500 Love Points

4.04 I tried to. (+5)
Why should I have to...?!
You're so selfish!

4.09 Extra Story
200 Platinum needed to unlock

4.10 It has nothing to do with you.
I'm just a little tired. (+5)
It's nothing.

4.15 It's normal!
You're right.
Honestly!? (+5)

Chapter 5: Secret

5.02 Special Scenario
60 Affection Points  needed to pass - Get a CG!

5.04 Engagement Strength Trial
5,000 Engagement Strength needed to pass

5.05 That isn't a relationship.
That's so sad.
No! (+5)

5.07 Alright... (+5)
What's the matter?

5.14 I turn around. (+5)
I'm sorry.
I came to get my stuff...

Chapter 6: Destiny

6.02 Yes, I had thought so.
Now you choose to tell me? (+5)
I won't be tricked, you know?

6.05 Extra Story
180 Platinum needed to unlock

6.08 I came here to help you.
I’m not sure myself.
I wanted to see you… (+5)

6.12 Engagement Strength Trial
7,000 Engagement Strength needed to pass

6.15 Remain still.
Smile at him. (+5)
Place my other hand on top.

Chapter 7: Precious

7.04 Special Scenario
100 Affection Points  needed to pass - Get a CG!

7.05 That makes me feel strange. (+5)
It’s not an act?

7.09 Me too.
I love you more.
Say it again. (+5)

7.11 Extra Story
180 Platinum needed to unlock

7.15 Another man…?
It isn’t like you, Todo…
Are you jealous? (+5)

Chapter 8: Love

8.01 Avatar Trial
Premium: Elegant Dress (Charm +20) - 300 Platinum
Normal: Earrings & Necklace (Charm +10) - 150 Platinum/ 4,500 Love Points

8.03 Special Scenario
105 Affection Points  needed to pass

8.04 Are you sure?
I'll really go, you know...? (+5)
You should've told me in advance.

8.06 Extra Story
230 Platinum needed to unlock

8.10 Are you allowing yourself to be indecisive? (+5)
What are you going to do?
So, you've already decided then.

8.13 Are you serious...?
You say it like it's easy. (+5)
That's not funny.

Chapter 9: Reunion

9.02 He's also distressed. (+5)
He's that kind of person.
He's busy with work.

9.06 Stop saying petty things.
Don't jump to conclusions.
Don't be jealous.  (+5)

9.09 Special Scenario
130 Affection Points  needed to pass - Get a CG!

9.15 I'd forgotten.
Who knows?
I was lying. (+5)

9.15 Extra Story
250 Platinum needed to unlock

Chapter 10: Choice

10.03 Special Scenario
135 Affection Points  needed to pass

10.04 Do you still hold it against me?
I've taken your warning to heart. (+5)
You two are quite similar.

10.10 We wouldn't want to get in your way.
We'll disturb your date... (+5)
Just the thought is enough.

10.11 Engagement Strength Trial
15,000 Engagement Strength needed to pass

10.12 You've changed.  (+5)
I'm sorry, as well.
It isn't like you.

Chapter 11: Future

11.03 Engagement Strength Trial
17,000 Engagement Strength needed to pass

11.03 Extra Story
180 Platinum needed to unlock

11.05  Touch his hair. (+5)
Hold his hand.
Stand still.

11.06 Avatar Trial
Premium: His Round Bed (Charm +20) - 300 Platinum
Normal: Burgundy Lamp (Charm +10) - 150 Platinum/ 5,500 Love Points

11.07 Special Scenario
155 Affection Points  needed to pass - Get a CG!

11.08 Eat it yourself.
Look at you, acting all smug. (+5)

11.15 You should've told me?
I misunderstood...
So she wasn't your girlfriend? (+5)


Proposal End
Need 200 Affection Points
Need 2,000 Engagement Strength

True End
Need 160 Affection Points

Normal End
Need 40-160 Affection Points


  1. Oh that's not cool. Copying and making it seem as though you did the work is just rude. I saw the same exact copy as what you have here with another one. Even the same format.

    1. Hi "Anonymous".
      I agree it's not cool, but I never said I made this on my own. Well, I did change some small stuff, but I'll give credit to the one who made the original stuff. Besides, I want to help as many people as possible to enjoy their games but I have not the time to make WT's for every single game on my own. In return, I'm helping the forum, where I took this WT from, also out as much as possible. So please don't be grumpy about me sharing WT's on this blog. I promise to add asap my credit/special thanks page, I was just too busy to complete it.
      I hope you'll have some understanding and are not angry with me anymore, "Anonymus". I made this blog for fun, so please keep having some...

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  4. Can the key that you get after finishing a route be used for every Extra Treasure scenarios or it can be used only once?

  5. Unfortunetely it can be used only once. But after you used the key you should be able to read the Story as many times as you want.

  6. Hi Dawn, do you know how many gacha tickets for cleearing the proposal end??

    1. You need to get the rare item to complete the proposal ending, so you need as many gacha tickets as it needs until you get it.

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    1. There is a Season 2?... I'm sorry, but I don't play this game anymore, but I try to ask around to see, if someone has it. It might still take a while until I can post it, though. Sorry!