24 July, 2014

[Walkthrough] My Sweet Proposal - Sakura Ryoichi

(*Note: Special Thanks to truelighthikari & Hope for the Walkthrough!)

Main Story

Chapter 1: Missing Bride

1.05 You're such a kidder. (+5)
You were teasing me?
Don't scare me like that!

1.09 Please wait! (+5)
But why?
We can't do that!

1.10 Special Scenario
10 Affection Points  needed to pass - Get a CG!

1.13 Don't push yourself too hard.
Trust me a little more. (+5)
You're just not use this.

Chapter 2: The Groom Left Behind

2.01 But...
How did you know that...
Y... you're right... (+5)

2.02 Special Scenario
20 Affection Points  needed to pass

2.04 Extra Story
180 Platinum needed to unlock

2.06 Me? Give you advice?
Are you sure I can do this? (+5)
I don't know much about design, though.

2.07 Engagement Strength Trial
2,000 Engagement Strength needed to pass

2.13 I...I'm sorry...
So that's what you think of me.
Are you disappointed? (+5)

Chapter 3: Getting Attached

3.04 Let's give it our all.
Let's make this a success. (+5)
I'm sure it'll work out somehow.

3.08 No, I love it. (+5)
It's all part of what makes you who you are.
I'm a little surprised.

3.09 Extra Story
180 Platinum needed to unlock

3.11 Why didn't you tell me? (+5)
I had no idea...
I'm sorry, it's all my fault!

3.12 Avatar Trial
Premium: Mannequin (Charm +20) - (300 Platinum)
Normal: Standing Mirror (Charm +10) - (150 Platinum/ 2,000 Love Points)

3.14 Special Scenario
45 Affection Points  needed to pass

Chapter 4: Why the Bride Disappeared

4.02 I'm not mad.
I'm a little mad. (+5)
What do you think?

4.08 You're not pathetic.
You didn't fool me. (+5)
I don't know...

4.08 Extra Story
180 Platinum needed to unlock

4.12 Yes, of course.
If you'll tell me everything, yes. (+5)
I won't leave until I've heard you out.

Chapter 5: It Started with a Kiss

5.01 Special Scenario
60 Affection Points  needed to pass - Get a CG!

5.02 I'll support you like I always have.
I'd support you even if you asked me not to.
I'll support you whether it's true or not. (+5)

5.04 Extra Story
180 Platinum needed to unlock

5.05 Avatar Trial
Premium: Soft Dress (Charm +10) - (300 Platinum)
Normal: Flower Crown (Charm +10) - (150 Platinum/ 3,000 Love Points)

5.07 Sure, if it'll mean an opportunity for you.
I think you should go.
It's your dream, isn't it? (+5)

5.12 Can't we do this some other day?
For just a bit? (+5)
Sorry, I'm busy today.

5.14 Engagement Strength Trial
5,000 Engagement Strength needed to pass

Chapter 6: Your Happiness, My Happiness

6.01 Avatar Trial
Premium: Scarf & Dress (Charm +20) - (200 Platinum)
Normal: Chest, Candle, Aroma (Charm +10) - (100 Platinum/ 2,000 Love Points)

6.04 Who're you talking about?
What do you mean by that?
Are you talking about Sakura and I? (+5)

6.06 You should have told me that! (+5)
Oh, I see...
But, I thought for sure that...

6.09 Special Scenario
85 Affection Points  needed to pass - Get a CG!

6.14 Umm... all by ourselves? (+5)
Is it okay for me to tag along?
I'd love to go.

6.15 Avatar Trial
Premium: One Piece (Charm +20) - (300 Platinum)
Normal: Pink Tights & Pumps (Charm +10) - (150 Platinum/ 5,000 Love Points)

Chapter 7: Clumsy Lovers

7.04 Why?
T... the same room!? (+5)
That would really bother me.

7.06 Engagement Strength Trial
7,500 Engagement Strength needed to pass

7.07 Not in the water. It's dangerous.
N.. no.
That look on your face is unfair! (+5)

7.08 Special Scenario
100 Affection Points  needed to pass - Get a CG!

7.10 Extra Story
230 Platinum needed to unlock

7.13 Did you really have no idea?
That was quite a shock.
It's not your fault, Sakura. (+5)

Chapter 8: Promise

8.03 What are you doing here!?
I'm not dreaming, am I?
Are you really Sakura? (+5)

8.04 Special Scenario
110 Affection Points  needed to pass

8.05 Extra Story
220 Platinum needed to unlock

8.06 Avatar Trial
Premium: Lace Setup (Charm +20) - (300 Platinum)
Normal: Green Handbag (Charm +10) - (150 Platinum/ 5,000 Love Points)

8.10 The next date, huh...
You're right, I'll do that. (+5)
I don't know if I'll ever calm down, but...

8.14 You have some idea, don't you?
You mean you don't know?
I... don't want to run away. (+5)

Chapter 9: Just One Love

9.01 This is a joke, right?
I'm in love with someone else... (+5)
I'm sorry...

9.03 Extra Story
200 Platinum needed to unlock

9.08 I don’t mind where I do it. (+5)
You’re right, I’d love to.
What about you, Mr.Tsuji?

9.14 I think it’s a good idea, but… (+5)
I think it’s a good idea.
Go for it, Sakura.

Chapter 10: What's Beyond Love

10.03 Maybe I should wait outside the store. (+5)
But, I’m curious…
I’ll just listen in a little…

10.08 I won’t run away. (+5)
Please run away, Sakura.
I can’t forget the dress.

10.09 Engagement Strength Trial
12,500 Engagement Strength needed to pass

10.11 Special Scenario
145 Affection Points  needed to pass

10.14 Aren’t you uncomfortable?
It’s a little embarrassing.
I don’t hate it. (+5)

10.14 Extra Story
180 Platinum needed to unlock

Chapter 11: Best Wedding Ever

11.05 Is now a good time?
No, now is a bad time
Let’s focus on the show first. (+5)

11.09 The prince has a great responsibility, huh?
Maybe you’re right.
You can’t get married alone, can you? (+5)

11.13 Yeah, let’s have fun.
You’re nervous too?
I’m fine because I’m with you. (+5)

11.14 Special Scenario
165 Affection Points  needed to pass - Get a CG!


Proposal End
Need 200 Affection Points
Need 2,000 Engagement Strength

True End
Need 160 Affection Points

Normal End
Need 40-160 Affection Points

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  1. Is Sakura a prince or something? I don't get 11.09's choice comments.