21 July, 2014

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Lost Island - Lionel Saito

Main Story

Chapter 1 
It’s nothing like that! (for SE:Sorry)

Chapter 2 
Actually… (for SE:I never said that!)
…So you noticed, huh?

Chapter 3 
No way.
Yes! (for SE:No!)

Chapter 4 
Wait! (for SE:Don't go!)

Chapter 5 
I can’t do that!
I'm fine now.

Chapter 6 
No. I don't. (for SE:Yes, I do.)
Let's do it then.

Chapter 7 
I'll be fine, thanks
Leave it to me!

Chapter 8 
T-That's not what I mean! (for SE:Sleep together?)
Yes. I do!

Chapter 9 
You're got to be kidding me.
Of course...

Chapter 10 
I'm sorry everyone.
No! (for SE:Okay.)

Chapter 11 
I'm scared.
I can't do it. (for SE:Pull the trigger.)

for SWEET ENDING -> (for SE:...)

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