27 July, 2014

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: My Fairy Tales - Ocean

Main Story

Use mouth-to-mouth.
Let me make you happy.

I'm going to see my dressmaker.
Be honest and tell him it's not possible. (for SE: Take on his request.)

Sing for me.
Fight Aster.

Don't kiss him. (for SE: Lie and kiss him.)
Make him drink water.

Help him get dressed.
Give him the elixir.

Fight against her with my broom. (for SE: Defend myself with magic.)
Don't kiss him. (for SE: Kiss him.)

Cheer Ocean on. (for SE: Stop the fighting.)
Don't tell him. (for SE: Tell him.)

Show him the treasury. (for SE: Show him the fountain.)
The treasury. (for SE: The flower garden.)

Tell Aster that I hate him. (for SE: Tell Aster that I love Ocean.)
The flower garden. (for SE: The beach.)

Dance with him. (for SE: Reject him and go to the beach.)
Do not cast the spell. (for SE: Cast the spell.)

Happy Ending
Sweet Ending = SE

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