11 July, 2014

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Ninja Love + Saizo Kirigakure

(*Note: To get the Super Happy End, you need a Love Potion.)
Main Story

Chapter 1

1.04 Observe first. [Brilliant!]

1.07 Let things go on. [Brilliant!]

(Get Love Letter, CG)

Chapter 2

2.03 Prepare yourself. [Brilliant!]

2.04 Even so, no way! [Brilliant!]

2.07 Passport Checkpoint
1 Passport needed

Chapter 3

3.´05 It should be safe. [Brilliant!]

3.06 Even if you say that... [Brilliant!]

3.0? Minigame Checkpoint
25% Success Rate

 (Get Love Letter, CG)

Chapter 4

4.02 What do you think, Sasuke? [Brilliant!]

4.05 Get angry. [Brilliant!]

4.06 Charm Level Checkpoint

Chapter 5

5.02 Tomorrow...[Brilliant!]

5.06 I don't want you to get injured! [Brilliant!]

5.0? Passport Checkpoint
3 Passports needed

 (Get Love Letter, CG)

Chapter 6

6.02 I will get Saizo! [Brilliant!]

6.06 Hug him. [Brilliant!]

6.07 Minigame Checkpoint
25% Success Rate

(Get Love Letter)

Chapter 7

7.02 Are you okay? [Brilliant!]

7.08 Don't worry. [Brilliant!]


8.01 Good luck. [Brilliant!]

8.08 Yeah! [Brilliant!]

8.10 Passport Checkpoint
4 Passports needed

 (Get CG)

Chapter 9

9.02 Take his hand. [Brilliant!]

9.08 No, I'm not. [Brilliant!]

Chapter 10 

10.0? Are you okay with it? [Brilliant!]

10.0? Run away! [Brilliant!]

10.0? Passport Checkpoint
4 Passports needed

Chapter 11

11.0? Hug him. [Brilliant!]

11.0? Glare at him. [Brilliant!]

(Get Love Letter)

Chapter 12

12.0? Say yes. [Brilliant!]

12.0? Charm Level Checkpoint

12.0? ...okay. [Brilliant!]

Chapter 13

13.0? I will stay. [Brilliant!]

13.06 Passport Checkpoint
7 Passports needed

13.0? Throw a knife. [Brilliant!]

Super Happy Ending 

Passport Checkpoint
10 Passports needed

(Get Love Letter, CG)


  1. thank you for uploading this
    a tip: there is a item checkpoint after 13.6 - 7x passports needed

  2. For me at checkpoint 13.6, 11 passports were needed.

    1. Hmmm.... I'll look into it. Thanks for telling!

    2. If you've already passed someone else's story when your on your next one they charge you more passports or have you collect a higher charm level than your first story. That could be why.

  3. thanks a lot you are a saver (kisses kisses kisses) best wishes

  4. 8.10 Item Checkpoint, you only need 4 not 5 passports.

    1. 9.? Take his hand. [Brilliant!] (This is 9.2)

      9.? No, I'm not. [Brilliant!] (This is 9.8)

  5. It says you need a love potion but when in the game do you use it?

    1. Before you ead the final chapter. Just look at the walkthrough. If your love meter is not full enough for a Happy Ending, or you want the Super Happy Ending, use the Love Potion after you answered the last question in the Walkthrough, because after that question, your Love Meter won't change anymore. Don't use the Love Potion too later, otherwise you can't increase the Love Meter anymore.