11 July, 2014

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Ninja Love + Kotaro Fuma

Main Story

(*Note: To get the Super Happy End, you'll need a Love Potion.)

Chapter 1

1.2 Too much responsibility. [Brilliant!]

1.9 I'm used to it! [Brilliant!]

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Chapter 2

2.7 Alright... [Brilliant!]

2.? Passport Checkpoint: 1 Passport needed

2.7 Thank you [Brilliant!]

Chapter 3

3.? Stop it! [Brilliant!]
3.? It's scary, but no other choice. [Brilliant!]

Chapter 4 

4.? Don't say that! [Brilliant!]

4.? It's nothing. [Brilliant!]

Chapter 5 

5.? Don't talk now. [Brilliant!]

5.? No, I'm not. [Brilliant!]

Chapter 6 

6.? I'm going to bed. [Brilliant!]

6.? Please get some rest. [Brilliant!]

Chapter 7

7.? Alright.[Brilliant!]

7.? Why are you so eager to die? [Brilliant!]

Chapter 8

8.? Liar! [Brilliant!]

8.? Are you sure? [Brilliant!]

Chapter 9 

9.? I'm not going anywhere. [Brilliant!]

9.? Wh-what? [Brilliant!]

Chapter 10

10.? No! [Brilliant!]

10.? Thank you. [Brilliant!]

Chapter 11

11.? We're both shy! [Brilliant!]

11.? I'm sorry. [Brilliant!]

Chapter 12

12.? What about you? [Brilliant!]

12.? Just let me stay this way. [Brilliant!]

Chapter 13

13.? Are you OK? [Brilliant!]

13.? ... [Brilliant!]

Super Happy Ending 

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  1. Why can't I access the Ninja Love + main page? (I got here through your walkthrough masterpost) Is it just me or is it normal?

    1. Hi Da Storyfrikk! Thanks for letting me know about the error. The link was the wrong one so it didn't worked. I changed it and now you should have access to the Main Page again! (^^,)

  2. When started the story they asked about the journey which I chose the romantic and considerate one, is there any matter to stories and pictures?

    Thank you

    1. No, I think that's only to recommend you a certain charcter. Just try it out. Don't worry, you should be able to choose the character freely.

  3. Just asking but who is Shizuka?(The girl name used in chap 1)Just wanted to get a heads up!

    Thanks a bunch!

    1. SPOILER!!!

      She was Kotaro's girlfriend but sadly died from being poisoned together with the rest of the village while Kotaro was on a mission (as far as I remember).