12 August, 2014

Shall we date?: Destiny Ninja - Love is Actually All Around - Enya [Walkthrough] & CG


Chapter 1
1.6 Sorry... 
 Didn’t you have plans? [Intimacy went up a lot!]

1.11 The street with not so many people. [Intimacy went up a lot!]
 The street with a lots of people.

Chapter 2
2.1 Item Checkpoint – (2 Passports Required)

2.5 Yes, that’s right. [Intimacy went up a lot!]
2.9 I’m impressed. [Intimacy went up a lot!]
Maybe they have previous acting experience...?

Chapter 3
3.1 Item Checkpoint – (3 Passports Required)

Juicy Love End


Love is Actually All Around!! 1


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  1. Creo que la primera respuesta correcta es "didn't you have plans"? Porque puse la primera y no subió a juicy.