16 September, 2014

[Walkthrough] In You Arms Tonight - Tsukasa Niregi

Main Story

(*Note: Be aware that this Walkthrough is for the Standalone app. I still don't know, if this Walkthrough also works for the "Love 365"app. If you know whether it works or not, please let me know. Thanks!)

Episode 1
I'm interested.
Take a quick look and go home.
Episode 2
Take him up on it.
Act delighted.
Episode 3
What does the owner think?
I'm counting on you.

Episode 4 
Watch him go quietly.
You could give a girl ideas.

Episode 5
You do nice things for me.
Tell him to wait.

Episode 6
No, let me.
You're right.

Episode 7
(Now I want to see you cry.)
Tease him.

Episode 8
Tell him.
Get back at him.

Episode 9
Of course you can.
Make something.

Episode 10
Let him.
I like looking with you.

Episode 11
Squeeze back.
I feel the same.

Episode 12
Maybe next time.

Episode 13
Watch him.
Follow him.

Episode 14
Deny it casually
You take it.

Episode 15
I'll be sure to go.
I'll wait.

Episode 16
Why bring him up?
Are you sure about this?

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