01 September, 2014

[Walkthrough] My Forged Wedding (Party) - Kunihiko Aikawa Season 1

(*Note: If you want to know how to increase your Chemistry, go to the "How to play?" page.)

Season 1: Main Story

1.04 A: No, we don't. (+10)
B: Don't answer. 

1.09 A: I'm not sure.
B: I can trust him. (+10)

(Get a Letter)

2.03 A: Where are we going? (+10)
B: I should go home.

2.07 A: Accept his offer. (+10)
B: Think about it a little more.

(Get a Letter)

3.04 A: Give up and go home.
B: Have her tell him my name. (+10)
3.07 A: Eat it on my own.
B: Copy Uncle Kunihiko. (+10)

~ Avatar Mission ~
Normal Route: Monochrome Flower Necklace (600 Mari)
Sweet Route: First Marriage Interview Outfit (200 Coins) -> get CG

(Get a Letter)

4.05 A: She didn't seem like that kind of person. (+10)
B:  The CEO's wife might be behind this.

4.08 A: Contradict him (+10)
B: Watch him in silence.

(Get a Letter)

5.03 A: Tell him I'm the fiancee. (+10)
B: Don't say anything.

5.07 A: I know. (+10)
B: I didn't know what was going to happen.

Need 3,000 Wife Points

6.05 A: That isn't me.
B: Yes. (+10)

6.07 A: How to clean.
B: How to make coffee. (+10)

(Get a Letter)

7.05 A: Even you ride trains. (+10)
B: You like snacks, don't you?

7.09 A: I haven't done anything.
B: I hope I have. (+10)

~Avatar Mission~
Normal Route: Round Leopard Print Bag (5,000 Mari)
Sweet Route: Vacation Style Pants Outfit (500 Coins) -> get CG

(Get a Letter)

8.03 A: Can I think about it?
B: I'd love to. (+10)

8.09 A: Apologize.
B: Hold on to him. (+10)

Need 15,000 Wife Points

(Get a Letter)

9.03 A: Say I like him better in a suit.
B: Think about it. (+10)

9.06 A: Can you sit down and wait? (+10)
B: Can you help me?

(Get a Letter)

10.05 A: Help him (+10)
B: Get out of the way.

10.08 A: Don't apologize. (+10)
B: What happened?

~Avatar Mission~
Normal Route: Square Jeweled Earrings (10,000 Mari)
Sweet Route: On the way to Kunian Outfit (750 Coins) -> get a CG

(Get a Letter)

11.0? A: Bring him water.
B: Cool it down for him. (+10)

11.0? A: Lie to him.
B: Tell the truth. (+10)

Need 30,00 Wife Points

(Get a Letter)

12.0? A: With pleasure. (+10)
B: You're the one who should be teaching me.

12.0? A: I'll bring him.
B: I'm sure he'll come. (+10)

(Get a Letter)

13.0? A: Tell her about Hazuki.
B: Tell her about how I left home. (+10)

13.0? A: Hold his hand. (+10)
B: Nudge him to the bar.

Need 50,000 Wife Points

(Get a Letter)

14.0? A: Are you seeing me with new eyes? (+10)
B: No I haven't.

14.0? A: Tell him. (+10)
B: Don't tell him.

(Get a Letter)

[no choices]

(Get a Letter, CG & Dress + Background for Super Happy End, only Dress for Happy End)

[no choices]


  1. Hello! Not sure if you're still responding to this, but can you show me the background after clearing Kuni's super happy end?
    I just cleared a story and am considering which to choose next. Kuni's seems interesting but I wanna see if the background we receive is nice c:
    I can't seem to find it anywhere on Google :( thank you!

    1. Heyo what about just playing? The bg are all nice and the avatars too so don't worry about that.
      I worry more because of the second seasons they're not published and I'm about to start whit the first 2cd season...!!!

  2. Hi... I was wondering what does FC mean when they said on comment?

    1. I believe they mean Full Clear. For example; when there's a new event/campaign and they say I've got all HC(half cleared) then FC would mean they have Full Clear throughout the event/campaign.
      :) i hope this helps you.

  3. Im already done with kunihiko yay hes pretty cool and matured. I was wondering that will you be doing new character Akito too? Pretty please i love ur blog so much n it has been helping me a lot thank u :*

    1. Hi!

      I intend to, but since I'm not really playing that game anymore, I have to rely on a friend of mine to do the Walkthrough and send it to me. This might take some time, though...

  4. I just wanted to show you my appreciation for this wonderful guide tips Dawn. Thank you so much, it's thanks to you and your wonderful time you put on this blog that has made me advance through the story with ease(without having to wait to advance when I'm stuck at the missions lol) anyhoo, :) thanks so much dawn.

    1. Oh, why thank you! *blush* It's good to hear that I could be of any help. But at the same time I have to pass on your thanks to all the awesome people who are constantly helping me with this blog. ^^
      Anyway, happy playing!


    2. Oh my you replied back, I'm happy to see you also take the time to reply back :) thanks. And if that's the case then, please thank your friends from my part (n-n) without ya guy's help i wouldn't be so advanced. So thank you once again and yes, actually I am enjoying the game quite well :) are you still playing the game as well or have you stop and moved on to another game? xD

    3. Of course I reply :) It might take sometimes a little while, but I'm always there to help wherever I can ^^
      I don't play this or any other Party game anymore. It just takes so much time (and money!) to play and add all the new stories and events.
      Actually I've also stopped playing the online Shall we date games. I prefer to read stories in one go, in once I can find the time to it.
      Beside the Paid Voltage games, I also really enjoy the Voltage Entertainment USA and the Genius games. They all have a free first episode (Genius even introduced a ticket system for most of their games, so you can read them for free!), so if you're interested, please go ahead and try them :)
      Happy Easter!