September 10, 2014

[Walkthrough] Serendipity Next Door - Keiichi Tokiwa

Main Story

Episode 1
What are you talking about?!

Episode 2
I’ll be more careful.
Let him

Episode 3
To Byron.
How can I be sexy?

Episode 4
Hug him
Strike a pose

Episode 5
I’m right here.
That’s not true.

Episode 6
Just carry me.
Are you after him?

Episode 7
Outfits are really popular.
From Ren.

Episode 8
Time to watch TV!
Do you love someone else?

Episode 9
Check my hair
Maybe a little.

Episode 10
You’ll catch a cold.
I was jogging.

Episode 11 
You think so too?
I’ve been busy at work.

Episode 12
How did you know?!
Want me to make you food?


Episode 1
You’re the only one for me!
I think it’s great.

Episode 2
Let’s see the movie some other day.
It’s complicated.

Episode 3
Are you sleeping?
I’m sorry.

Episode 4
Just a little longer…
I’ll make it!

Episode 5
Luck in love!
I’m sleepy, too.

Episode 6
It makes me mad, too.
Wanna come over?
Episode 7
Wave at him

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