11 October, 2014

Shall we date?: Scarlet Fate + Kuso-no-mitoko - Song of Spring Spin off [Walkthrough] & CG's


Chapter 1

1.03 I'm grateful to you. [You made great choices!]
You're just so beautiful...
1.05 It's not that I don't want you... [You made great choices!]
I don't want to...
1.05 Get CG

1.11 What is it that you like about me? [You made great choices!]
Why are you going to such great lengths for my sake?
1.13  Passport checkpoint - (Need 2 Passports)

1.13 Get CG

1.17 ...I suppose you're right. [You made great choices!]
That won't happen.
1.21 Passport checkpoint - (Need 3 Passports)

1.21 Get CG

1.24 I belong only to you, Kuso. [You made great choices!]

Happy Ending

Get CG


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