12 November, 2014

[Walkthrough] First Love Diaries - Mitsuru Sanada

Season 1: Main Story

Episode 1
Pretend you just got here
Get angry: “What’s wrong with you?!”

Episode 2
Ask him about yesterday
Sorry, I’m eating with my friends.
Episode 3

… I wasn’t feeling well that day.
Be honest. “No…”

Episode 4
What kind of clothes do you like?
Do you like rabbits?

Episode 5
You don’t want to be a doctor?
Wait for Mitsuru to come back.
Episode 6

Hit him with a pillow

Episode 7
Even though you’re eating with me?
I want to see more of the real you.

Episode 8
Think about how your son feels!
It’s not your fault, Mitsuru.

Episode 9
I think I’m jealous…
I’ll do anything I can.

Episode 10
I’m not hungry.
I haven’t been feeling well…

Episode 11
I’m a little disappointed, I guess.
Try taking your hands off the bar

Episode 12
I’d worry if he were acting differently…
Just forget about what that guy said.

Episode 13
The face
Don’t say anything.

Episode 14
You guys are so alike…
Tell him with your eyes

Season 1: Sequel
(*Note: This Sequel has two routes. At a certain point you can either choose the "Remember when" or the"Best day ever" Route. Both routes have either a Happy or a Super Happy End)

Episode 1
Go back

Episode 2
His intelligence.

Recapture how it felt when we fell in love. (Remember when)
Share the most wonderful memory together. (Best day ever)

Remember when...

Episode 3
I totally hated you at first.
Let’s walk.

Episode 4
Quitly squeeze Mitsuru’s hand
Please take good care of her!

Super Happy End

Best day ever

Episode 3
Let’s have fun!
Playing word games.

Episode 4
A smooth pop ballad.
Suggest it

Super Happy End

Season 2: Senior Year

Episode 1
Cheer him up
I’m a little scared for the future…

Episode 2
I’m thinking about you.
Ask him

Episode 3
I’m fine.
Call Mitsuru

Episode 4
Don’t tell them
You’re doing the best you can.

Episode 5
I’m coming too.
Tell him to rely on me more

Episode 6
Let’s investigate some more.
Get mad

Episode 7
Not at all.
Say something

Episode 8
It was too hard for me.
Be careful how you talk to people, okay?

Episode 9
He’s so amazing
You’ve changed.

Season 3: College Days

(*Note: Special Thanks to Samoaya for sending me her Walkthrough! Thanks!)

Episode 1
Yeah you’re right.

Episode 2
Of course!
Not at all.

Episode 3
I want one

Episdoe 4
Do it

Episode 5
Stop it right now!

Episode 6
Leave it to him
A kiss
Wow, Mitsuru!

Episode 7
Get on

Episode 8
Don't tell him.

Episode 9
You’re wrong!
I wont.

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