13 November, 2014

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: KONKATSU for Marriage - Rintaro Washio

Main Story

Try to quit.
I keep schedule.
Koume, let's go.
It is what it is.
OPTIONS: Let's go buffet. OR Let's pick fruit.
(If you chose Let's go buffet): Unbalanced diet.
(If you chose Let's pick fruit): Work done?
The pool.
Not funny.
OPTIONS: Candle night. OR Stars.
(If you chose Candle night): It's not bad.
(If you chose Stars): Put up with it.
Dessert, please.
They deserved it.
You're so kind.
Yes, definitely.
Yes, thank you.
Can't leave you.
I was worried.
Slap him.
I'll miss you.

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