15 November, 2014

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Ninja Love - Kotaro Fuma

Main Story

Chapter 1
I'm aware.
No, it's fine.

Chapter 2
Come sleep with me.

Chapter 3

It's our chance!

Chapter 4

I believe you.
I never said goodbye.

Chapter 5

Who cares about a kimono!
I just couldn't help myself.

Chapter 6

I feel so exhausted.
Of course I worry!

Chapter 7

I could never!
It won't help her!

Chapter 8

Am I causing trouble?

Chapter 9

I'm important?
Kiss him again.

Chapter 10

I'm not special.

Chapter 11

Can I hold your hand?
I thought at least 10 more...

Chapter 12

I'm sorry.

Chapter 13

I'll get help!
I know.

Happier Ending


  1. i pressed "sorry" the third one down... and it came back "choice you made: close!" what the heck!? I thought this site was supposed to help us on making the best choices with each guy in each app.... a real let down.

    1. I'm sorry, that there is a mistake in the Walkthrough and thanks for letting me know about it. We are all human here, so unfortunately mistakes happen from time to time. I know that it's frustrating to get the wrong answer even if using a Walkthrough, but I hope you're understanding and forgive us our mistake.
      Thanks and have a nice day.


    2. I just tested the Walkthrough myself and got the Happier Ending. Maybe you're playing the + (free) version? That has a own, different Walkthrough. That would also explain the status report, since you don't get one for the paid game.
      You can find Kotaro's + Version Walkthrough here: http://otomeotakugirl.blogspot.it/2014/07/walkthrough-shall-we-date-ninja-love_9307.html