31 December, 2014

My Forged Wedding (Party) - Birthday Wish (Ren) - Celebrate His Birthday at Kunian w/everyone [Walkthrough] & CG


1.1 ~Affection Mission~
100 Affection needed

A: It's already December.
B: It's about Ren's Birthday. (+200 Affection)


2.3 ~Affection Mission~
4,000 Affection needed

A: Look to the manager for help. (+200 Affection)
B: B-Because it's December. 

3.1 ~Affection Mission~
10,000 Affection needed

3.2 A: I'll fix something for dinner soon
B: Did you hear about Yamato? (+200 Affection)

 ~Affection Mission for Happy End~
 12,500 Affection needed

 ~Affection Mission~
15,000 Affection needed

~Affection Mission~
17,000 Affection needed

A: Don't say anything.
 B: Were you jealous? (+200 Affection)


Snow Hut Party:
"Come here."

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