01 January, 2015

NEWS - January

Hello everybody! On this page I'll inform you about the latest NEWS: Updates, New Otome Games, New Sub Stories, Special Sales or any News I can find. If you know something and want to let everyone know about it, please let me know it. I make sure to add it here asap! 
(*Note: Other News will be replaced by a new page by the end of the month. Otherwise this page would be endless long in no time!)

So, have fun with your games! ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆

P.S. Check also out the calendar on the right side of the blog. You might have birthday on the same day as your hubby!

Past Pages
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Voltage Romance Sim Library

10 Days of his Kiss: Satoru (Sub Story)
10 Days with my Devil

Rintario Ashiya Main Story (Release will be anounced soon)
Class Trip Crush

Dreamy Days on West Tokyo

 + Samon Main Story (Release will be anounced soon)
Enchanted in the Moonlight

Finally, in Love Again

First Love Diaries

Sohma (Falling in Love with Him, Epilogue)
Her Love in the Force

Valentine's Wishes(Sub Story)
Butlers' Kisses(Sub Story)
Collaboration Riches(Sub Story)
Kissed by the Baddest Bidder

+ Licensed to Wed (Takuto)
+ Wedding Sequel (Takuto)
Love Letters from Thief X

Metro PD
Kazusa is next!

My Forged Wedding

My Sweet Bodyguard

Don't tell him I'm popular!: Minato (Sub Story)
After the crisis: Minato (Sub Story)
Tsumugu Kido (Main Story, Epilogue) 
Our Two Bedroom Story

Rui Sequel/Sequel Epilogue
True Love Sweet Lies

Other NEWS

Birthday Card available
Available until 2/9 am (UTC). Around his Birthday (2/5) you will get a reply and the Necklace.

 You can get:
New Event Gacha available!

Register early and get a Bonus. Don't forget to save the Bonus code!

New Character is coming soon!

Kirisawa’s New Sequel “Armed & Engaged” is OUT NOW!!
Getting married to Kirisawa is starting to feel real, until you both land in your biggest fix to date!
Can you really get back on the road to lifelong bliss?!

Haruka Wedding Bells stories - are out now!
~Weding Bells Story~
You’ve been busy getting ready for the upcoming nuptials.
But the more you prepare to become part of the Utsunomiya family,
the more the pressure is starting to get to you...
Right when you think you can’t take it anymore,
an old college buddy comes back into your life.
But this friend brings trouble with him...

New Sub Stories are out!
Yoh and Yuto's "A Taste of Domestic Bliss" sub stories are NOW AVAILABLE!
Read the first chapter... FOR FREE!!!!!!
It's a week-long, love-filled shack up session with these irresistible boys from Finally, in Love Again!
What's it like being together, under the same roof, for a few days with boys like Yoh and Yuta? Is it filled with doki doki romance, moonlight, and candles?!

FIRST chapter of these sub stories are FREE! Go and read it now, guys
Fashion Gacha's Re-Released!
From January 22nd to February 2nd, Voltage Inc. has re-released two Birthday Gachas: Kunihiko’s Birthday and Takao’s Birthday Fashion Gachas. So if you missed out on those two, or if there is an Avatar Item you couldn't get last time - now is your chance!

New Character and Sub Story are coming soon!
The Season 2 Sequels are coming soon...but what's going on with Minato and Tsumugu...?
Check out Season 2: Don't Tell him I'm Popular...coming soon to a Bedroom near you!

New Spin off

Extra Gifts!

New Character is coming soon!
Who had thought that the Pale Ghosts route would be out next (before Victors)?! I can't wait for him.

☆Sub Stories with Star-Crossed Myth Prologue☆
For a limited time until the end of January!
You can read the prologue to our NEW APP “Star-Crossed Myth” in the following apps.
・Love Letter from Thief X "Sub Story: A Letter from Yuki"
・Kissed by the Baddest Bidder "Sub Story: Eisuke His Heart"
・Class Trip Crush "Sub Story: Butler Crush"
・Enchanted in the Moonlight "Sub Story: Yukinojo His PoV"
・My Forged Wedding "Sub Story: The Perfect Husband"
This is your chance to get a sneak peek before the game is released!☆
Don’t miss it!
* Please be aware that the BGM music ONLY plays in Enchanted in the Moonlight.

☆Opening Movie☆

♡♡♡New From Voltage - Weekend Special Story Sale♡♡♡
Our first ever Weekend Special Story Sale begins today!
"Before I Asked You Out" in First Love Diaries is on sale this weekend only!
We'll be having a different story in a different app every week on sale so check back again next Friday to see what'll be on sale!

New Sub Story
Have you checked out the new Sub Story yet?
“Red Hot for Homare” is Available Now!
Enjoy a special, intimate moment with Homare after the New Year’s party...

*~Rihito's Special Image~*
If you bought Rihito's story bundle OR had all the stories in the bundle bought separately by December 24th, you can now view your special image in the in-app news page!
**If you deleted and re-installed or restored purchases at any point before the release of the special image, you will need to have used your transfer codes in order for the image to appear**

New Character Out!!
Soma: Meeting Him + Secret Stories
Do you like it when guys reveal they have an unexpected sweet side? Sadistic side? Or...?!
What's Soma hiding behind that mysterious facade, anyway?
Check out Soma's Meeting Him story!

New Sub Story is out!
Sub story: A Letter from Yuki is OUT NOW!
You can preview our upcoming app's prologue!

*~10 Days of His Kisses - Shiki is Now Available!!~*
Shiki’s new obsession is...kissing you?
For 10 days, you spend morning, afternoon and evening sharing sweet kisses with your Shiki!
As the days pass, things begin to escalate...
How bold and daring will Shiki become by the 10th day?!

Special Story: Pajama Talk is out now!
Do you ever wonder what the Bodyguards talk about when they're alone?
Get a special look at the Bodyguards & Public Safety Officers in their pajamas as they talk about girls and have pillow fights!
And after that, when you go sleep over at your boyfriend's place... what will happen!?

New Sub Stories
-Two New Sub Stories are available RIGHT NOW!-
Butler Crush and Red Hot for Homare are OUT NOW!
The Group A guys are your personal butlers?!
Who will you choose…?
☆From now until the end of January, Butler Crush includes the prologue for an app to be released in February!

New Sub Story is out!
“Do you need a reason to love someone?”
Sub Story
His PoV: Yukinojo – OUT NOW!
Your deep love for Yukinojo melts his cold heart...

From now until the end of January, Yukinojo’s PoV includes the prologue for an app to be released in February!

*~An English Exclusive Story: A Sweet Slice of New York~*
Ichigo gets selected to appear on an American baking show, and you get to join him as his assistant?!
Upon arriving in New York, a handsome young American approaches you…how will Ichigo react? And will you be able to win the baking competition?!

★This is Dreamy's first English Exclusive story! Don't miss out!★

New Sub Story
The first ever "English Exclusive Story" - The Big Game - Now Available!!!
To celebrate one whole year of Our Two Bedroom Story, we went ahead and made our own story, just for you guys!
Well, what are you waiting for? The Big Game awaits you!
His Heart: Eisuke
His Heart: Soryu
His Heart: Baba

To save you from breaking your neck, your guy takes the fall for you and ends up with a concussion...and a personality change?!!
What will happen when your guy's personality changes completely? Will you ever be able to get him back to normal? Or will you prefer the new personality better...
Coming Soon:
Valentine's Wishes, Butlers' Kisses, and Collaboration Riches!!!
✿From now until the end of January, His Heart: Eisuke includes the prologue for an app to be released in February!

New Sub Story is out!
Momoi's "A Taste of Domestic Bliss" is NOW AVAILABLE!
Read the first chapter... FOR FREE!!!!!!
"Why do women always take a freaking century to get ready? Let's go already!"
-That's a quote from Momo from the sub story... *sigh* Things boys don't understand about girls 101.

The water heater at home broke and you end up taking up Momo's offer to stay over at his place for a few nights. It kind of feels like.... you guys are living together?
What is it like living with an arrogant, sarcastic guy like Momo? Find out by reading the sub story now „wink“-Emoticon
Aki and Sosuke's stories are available too.
FIRST chapter of these sub stories are FREE! Go and read it now, guys
☆New App Release Info - Star-Crossed Myth ☆
“What happens when you wish upon a star?”
In the night sky full of stars farther than the eye can see,
one beautiful shooting star suddenly appears before you...

This spring, the heavens have something amazing in store for you.

New Character
Taiga's Main Story & Epilogue are OUT NOW!
He is a doctor with a dark side.
A handsome stranger with a secret comes to your rescue.
But who is he really...?

New Event!
Trip Memory -My Bossy Darling's Motivated Love- Event has begun!
Thank you for your votes at the My Best Hubby Campaign last month! Our event featuring your Number One Hubby has finally begun!
Both you and Yamato has been busy with work these days, but the two of you finally get the weekend off. Will you go to a romantic trip to Kobe alone with Yamato? Or, will you go to a hot spring inn with the whole Kunian crew for a fun exciting trip?
Enjoy Yamato's Mini-Event!
**Route will be added on 1/24(UTC).
Be sure to check out...
*Super Early Clear Bonus:
Clear 1 Happy End by 1/24 1:00am (UTC) and get Star Wand!
*Early Clear Bonus:
Clear both Happy Ends by 1/27 1:00am (UTC) and get a Starry Dress!
*Many other Special Prizes will be waiting for you, so be sure to check them all!
Only until 1/29 3:00am (UTC)!

New Fashion Gacha OPEN!
Saeki's Birthday Fashion Gacha is now available!
Wear sexy cute outfits to celebrate Saeki's birthday that's coming up! There's a Gacha Medal sale with Closet space going on too, so don't miss it!

Gacha ends on 2/9 7:00am (UTC).
Happy Spinning!

Sorry for the wait! You may already know, but...
We announce you the winner for our first Best Hubby Campaign!
The winner is...
Yamato Kougami!!
Congratulations to all the Yamato lovers! Way to go!
Thank you so much for your votes not only for Yamato, but for the rest of the Kunian crew too! As promised, there will be an event featuring Yamato this month, so please look forward to it!
The final ranking is as follows:
1. Yamato
2. Ren
3. Takao
4. Saeki
5. Kunihiko
6. Yuta

New Spin off
The day before the decisive battle, Enojo is revealing his bloody past only to you. He’s cool and confident in front of you, but what was he like at that time?
Imagine what happened on the day that changed his fate-what he has lost, and how he met Raizo... Through his strong embrace, he will let you know his resolution...
The new spin-off “The Way to His Lair” is released today. Let's go and see him in a hurry!

[NIFLHEIM+ NEWS #28] by Skeletiano (o..o)
Hello, Princess!
I’ve brought you a BIG news about kisses!ヾ(●´∀`●)
If you’re talking about kisses, you’re talking about me! If you’re talking about me, you’re talking about kisses!
Oh, you say I do not have lips for them...?
How about I store your doubting words nicely in the drawers of my heart? (`・ω´・ ●)*determined face*
There are many kinds of and fitting situations for kisses, aren’t there?
Like your first kiss in your earliest memories of love... Just thinking about that makes my heart dance!
I’ve heard that first kisses taste like strawberry macaroons, but how about yours, Princess?!
How about blowing the chilly winds of winter away by reading a story about a kiss—not the usual slapstick one, but a little “juicy” one♪
Event Story
"Love is Actually All Around - Extra Edition"
Sequel to the Spin-off Story "Love is Actually All Around"!!!!
Do you remember???
Collect enough Camellias and get Event Stories!!!
(Benkei, Yoshitsune, Goyo and Enya's stories are available)

Event Slot
Elias&Luca&Yukiya “Happy New Year!! We all hope the year 2015 will be the best year for you!”
Luca “...Well actually, it has passed 10 days from New Year’s Day already…”
Yukiya “Right. We should’ve greeted the new year to her earlier...”
Luca “So... why are we here today anyway?”
Elias “We’re here to announce that the new event, New Year 2015 Slot has just started today!
There is a chance getting some limited-time offered items like kimono, accessories… and message cards from us.”
Yukiya “Oh… the ones we wrote earlier...”
Luca “Hey Elias, I remember you looked really troubled writing what to write on the card. What did you write for her after all?”
Elias “Wha-?! Why do I have to tell you about it?! How about you two then?”
Yukiya “......Well... Nothing.”
Luca “Heeey, Yukiya. What are you blushing at?
Oh well, I’m not gonna tell you what I wrote either. That’s our sweet secret between me and her y’know. Right, my princess? *wink*”
Elias “...It’s getting longer, so let us end here. See you soon.”
Yukiya “See you at the academy.”
Luca “See ya! *blowing kiss*”
New Year 2015 Slot will end at 18:00 on February 1st (PST).

"A chance for your dream!"
Koyonplete decided to offer a chance to a young talent to fulfill his/her dream and become part of a new Otome game project. In order to choose the best and the most talented we will organize a contest in which everyone is invited to attend. The rules of the contest are:
1.The participant must be student / graduate of arts and / or must have experience in drawing anime-manga style.
2. To have over 18 years and to know english.
3. To know very well how to use image editing applications such as adobe photoshop.
4. The participant must be responsible, organized and open to any change.
5. The contest will have two rounds:
Round 1: It refers to draw an original character respecting strictly all the details and features that you will get about this character.
Those who will be selected will move to the next round.
Round 2: It refers to draw a CG, a full illustration with the character drawn in the first round respecting the requirements.
The winner of both rounds will be the illustrator of an otome game and we will ensure that his / her work will rewarded because nothing will be free. Please help us share the news.
In few days will be posted the detailes for the first round.

Your HOLIDAY CAMPAIGN gift from us is..............
New App--> Sweet Cafe by Voltage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Many of you have been dying to find out what the "NEVER BEFORE SEEN" holiday gift was... and here it is!
Sweet Cafe is a brand new app that will be released soon and it's different from all of the other game apps you have played before...
How's it different, you ask?
Sweet Cafe is a Voltage portal app where you can read sweet, mini stories of characters from many Voltage game apps, win items, and get updates on new apps, characters, and stories.
Stories from 17 different game apps will be included in the first release!!!!
We will be releasing a total of 9 stories FOR FREE for the game apps that have reached the TOP 3 in the three holiday campaigns.
A TOTAL of 9 sweet mini stories! Wowzers!
(The holiday campaign final results will be announced later in the month.)
Wait wait... that's not all we have to offer for Sweet Cafe.
There are much more fun games, stories, and free goodies on this app,
and we will give out small snippets of information on the app each week.
Stay tuned for more info!

*☆* Attention Fans! *☆*
New SALE info has arrived!
Now ALL Sub Stories are on SALE!

Check out the in-app news page for details!

Coming soon!★
The first ever "English Exclusive Story" for Our Two Bedroom story is coming soon and it's called... THE BIG GAME!
Minato and you are sent to California to cover a story about a Japanese actor in a you-know-what-bowl commercial...but when the two of you are asked to be in the commercial...you're about to risk the entire world finding out about your relationship!
Find out what happens in this exciting, ENTIRELY NEW story!

The mysterious security specialist, Hyosuke Kujo's Main Story & Epilogue are OUT NOW!
He may act nice, but there's another side to him...
Is he an enemy or ally?

New Sub Story
Did you remember our anniversary???
Because our First Anniversary Story is now available!!!
You've been working at Seasonelle for a year now. And you're in for the most romantic surprise... Don't wait for the sweetest date!

Special Story: GO GO SP Rangers!
At a festival the city is holding, the Police Headquarters is putting on a superhero show! You end up joining the bodyguards as the pink SP Ranger and even the Public Safety Officers become the villains!
For the first time ever, you can choose from ALL NINE MEN!
Subaru, Kaiji, Sora, Mizuki, Katsuragi, Ishigami, Goto, Kurosawa, AND Kenta!
Who will you choose to spend the rest of the festival with!?

His Weakness: Eisuke
His Weakness: Soryu
The guys have made a bet with you...if you can find out Eisuke's weakness they'll give you a prize! But, wait...does Eisuke even have any weaknesses?!
After being attacked by a rival mafia boss, Soryu's underlings are concerned about him. They ask you to find out if Soryu has any weaknesses so they can protect him. But does the perfect mobster have a weakness?!
Coming Soon:
His Heart: Eisuke
His Heart: Soryu
His Heart: Baba

NEW Sub Story
"A Taste of Domestic Bliss" for Aki and Sosuke are NOW AVAILABLE! Read the first chapter... FOR FREE!!!!!!
Yes, the title says it all... for reasons you'll find out in the story, you end up temporarily living together... which means waking up together, sharing the same bathroom, cooking and cleaning, and having to accept each other's habits and idiosyncrasies. Are these guys what you thought they were?
They do say you should always live together once before tying the knot...
P.S..... Is that the notorious ex-boyfriend that makes an appearance in Sosuke's story?!?
FIRST chapter of these sub stories are FREE! Go and read it now guys

3 Days with My Senpai is now available!
You visit Yuya's place after school, but just as things are heating up, Yuya's mom calls him downstairs and he trips and breaks his leg!!! Will he be okay?! Will he ever be able to surf again?!
Find out in this exciting new continuation to his story!

*~Special Story: Ichigo's Birthday~*
It’s time to celebrate Ichigo’s birthday!
The two of you start to reminisce back to your High School days when you first celebrated Ichigo’s birthday…
“It was seriously shocking” Ichigo’s says…
What kind of first birthday was it?!

Buy now for a special image of Ichigo!! However it will only be available for a week, so make sure to download it right away!

Yukinojo: Sequel Epilogue – OUT NOW!
What Happens:
Yukinojo decides to prepare a surprise for you.
Unfortunately, that means he doesn’t have a lot of time
to spend with you.
What could his surprise be..?

Kyoichi Wedding Bells stories - are out now!
~Weding Bells Story~
It’s the day you’ve been waiting for... Your marriage with Kyoichi!
But he seems to be hiding something...
Every time you try and ask what’s going on, he brushes you off, saying it’s about work and has nothing to do with you!
And, as if the day couldn’t get any worse, you overhear his aunt saying how he can never be happy...!
Something about being related to some man...!

A day that’s supposed to be filled with happiness is actually your greatest challenge yet!

New Sub Story: A Steamy Incident is Available Now!
2nd Unit got tickets for a hot spring trip!
…But only four people can go!?
Can you go on a romantic vacation with your boyfriend, or will you two hold down the fort at home?

Also check out “2nd Unit Breaks the Code”!

Sakuya Sequel, End Set, Epilogue are out!!!
Bombs are exploding all over Tokyo and the target is Sakuya?! A case from the hacker's past has come back to haunt you both. Can you find the bomber in time? And will you and Sakuya survive the final showdown?!!

*~Rein's Wedding Sequel is Now Available!!~*
After overcoming many events, you and Rein are able to spend many happy and peaceful days together! Then one day...Rein proposes to you! Marriage between an angel and a human...what will your future be like?

*~Rein and Tsubasa's Story Bundles are Out Now!!~*
By buying the story bundle, you will receive the following:
★Main Story

All three stories for a 20% discount! If you've been wanting to read Rein or Tsubasa's stories, now's your chance!!
If you buy either bundle OR have all the stories in the bundle bought separately by January 19th, you will receive a special never before seen image at a later date!
**Warning: Deleting and re-installing the app or restoring purchases may cause the special image to not appear. You will need to use your transfer codes in order to see the image.**

Yuki's Main Story & Epilogue are now available.
You think you're bonding... until you have to go up against him on a mission!
Love or the mission!?
What fate awaits you!?

New Event is coming soon!
Saeki Takamasa's birthday is coming up!
A new Fashion Gacha to celebrate his birthday will open soon, so get ready! Get Gacha Medals and Closets at the Tea House Campaign on now to prepare!!
Here's a little peek... look forward to cute & sexy avatars!
Saeki's Birthday Fashion Gacha Coming Soon!
New Event
The Royal Couple's New Year Event @ Be My Princess: PARTY!
Choose Prince Wilfred, Prince Keith, or Prince Roberto as the first prince of the New Year! (Joshua, Glenn and Edward's stories are coming soon!)
Get 3 Secret Happy Ends by 1/20 6:59:59 (UTC) for a Bright New Year Eyes avatar and start on your way to the All Clear Bonus--and don't forget to check the other prizes and avatars you can collect!
Collect the new Date Spots for double the fun with Date Stories featuring Roberto & Edward, Wilfred & Glenn, and Keith & Joshua...then, get the magnificent Castle of Ice date spot to go ice skating with all the Princes in the final Date Story!
Plus! Each Prince's New Year features a Happy End from his point of view! Make sure to get both ends to know the whole story of your first romance of the year!
Who will be your first prince? 

New Tea House Reform Campaign
Collect Japanese Dessert Points by continuing your Main Story and turn your house into a Cozy Tea House! Don't miss the bonus stories and adorable interior items you can get during this campaign!
Enjoy the Sweet Couple's Cozy Hours -Tea House Reform Campaign- on now!
Only until 1/22 (3:00am UTC)

[NIFLHEIM+ NEWS #27] by Skeletiano (o..o)
Here I come with the great news of the day from Niflheim! (`・ω´・ ●)*resolute face*
Hopefully by this you will be happy for the whole year ahead of us!!!
Oh, the excitement almost made me forget introducing myself! I am your companion through your romantic path, Skeletiano!!ヾ(●´∀`●) 
I am sure you are by now enjoying the Special Ball to the fullest, but did you know that this time you can win 【Him】Avatar Items? You can dress him up in butler suits!!! *clap clap*
J.J. speaking formally is very rare, and so is Count Orlando in...butler suits...!*pfft**bursts out*
...Ah, no. I am not laughing. Of course I’m not!!!
So how about dressing up differently for a change and having a date together with your beloved man? That will certainly put you in the mood*wink* ♪

It’s about time to make this announcement!
We have a WONderful and HAppy news for you all.
Are you readdddy?
*drum roll*

Shall we date series now have our very own LINE Sticker set!
Give a round of applause to our Shall we date team!!!  
*Clap! Clap! Clap!*
That’s because we worked really hard on it!
The first collection is now waiting for approval at the moment.
We’ll let you know once it’s available on the LINE Stickers app!
You’ll soon find out which characters represent in the first ever Shall we date LINE stickers.
So, please stay tuned!

New Event!
We know we made you wait long enough! We hope the wait was worth it. TOP 3 vote stories taken last October will be made into new romance stories. Finally, your dream romance story is coming true!
1st place: Cuddling up under a blanket in this winter. (Soji)
2nd place: We are connected before we even met... (Sion)
3rd place: Going to a hot spring together. (Aoi)

Sugar Candy Collection
Event period: Until Jan.28th 8 p.m.(PST)

Thank you very very much!!!!
Shall we date?: Destiny Ninja achieved more than 2 million players now!
This is our gratitude for all of you!!
You can get Destiny Ninja wallpaper for your PC or smartphone.

Go to the Present page from our Facebook page (Only PC), and download the wallpaper!
A variety of size options are available.
Once again, thank you for your continuing support of Destiny Ninja.
We will continue to do our best to create entertaining games that will help enrich your life.
We hope you enjoy the Shall we date? series for many years to come.
(I'll add it asap under "Bonus" on the Main Page of the game)

Make Your Vote Count!!!
*The announcement of the TOP3 Winners*
Thank you so much for your many votes to the ninjas of Destiny Ninja.
Here are the TOP 3 characters voted most popular!
Did your beloved man make it in this ranking?

New Premium Slot Avatars
It’s Japanese Bath time! (*ba-dump ba-dump*)
“Bath Time Avatars” and “Mt. Fuji Wallpaper” are now available in Premium Slot for a limited time only. Open-air hot spring bath is popular in Japan, especially in winter. People come together to wash and relax. Spend a wonderful private time in a private bath that is designed for couples only. From washing over each other’s head to tell each other how you truly feel. A great experience you'll never forget!

New Spin off
Happy new year, princess. It’s me, Kotaro. I know I’m kinda shy and quiet, hope you didn’t forget about me.
I hear the new spin-off “Vampire’s Night Out” is released today. This time, the tsundere Saizo and others have become vampires, so I’m worried that you might be in danger. Do you know I still care about you...?
If you are a fan of vampire, I think you will enjoy the story because you can see their different sides. That includes me...which is available on January 19, 11:00 p.m. (PST).
Other release dates are as follows.

Available from Jan. 12, 11:00 p.m. to Jan. 19, 11:00 p.m. (PST): Saizo, Musashi
Available from Jan. 19, 11:00 p.m. to Jan. 26, 11:00 p.m. (PST): Kotaro, Munenori
Available from Jan. 26, 11:00 p.m. to Feb. 2, 11:00 p.m. (PST): Goemon, Sasuke

I also heard that you can get the Vintage Costume as an early bird special. I look forward to seeing you wearing the costume.
I miss you already.

A new limited event is out on My Sweet Proposal !
With a lot of rewards to win !!
Check it out !

The limited event "Japanese Lesson" is now OPEN!
【Event schedule】
2015/01/08 17:00 (Japan Time)~2015/01/18 15:00 (Japan Time)

You become the Prince's private teacher ?!
But a lesson just the two of you
is full of sweet temptations...!
Edward "If I give you a good answer, I want a kiss"
Rene "Please professor, I don't understand this part..."
Asim "Teach me more, more about yourself..."
The Prince can't focus
and doesn't make any progress ?!
Please enjoy this new sweet story♪

Goto, Kaga, & Ishigami His PoV - Available NOW
The cool detective's inner turmoil...
What the strict, level-headed chief is really like off duty...
And the true colors behind the passionate, sadistic team leader!

Everything you've been wondering about these three enigmatic men is right here.
See the real side no one ever sees of these elite cops...

*☆* Attention Fans! *☆*
Thank you for waiting so long...
The mysterious FBI agent, Yuki Arisugawa's Main Story & Epilogue are OUT NOW!

*~Special Story: Ringing in the New Year~*
In celebration of the New Year, the entire West Tokyo shopping district throws a New Year’s Festival! The guys are all excited to spend this time with you, but then…something unexpected happens!
Will you be able to enjoy a romantic New Years with your favorite guy?

Our Two Bedroom Story - Now Available!
Kaoru and Shusei's Manhattan stories are now available!
Are you ready to go on a business trip with your favorite guy? You'll get to explore the world of fashion modeling with Kaoru and dig up some good celebrity gossip with Shusei!
Well, what are you waiting for? The Big Apple awaits you!

Happy Birthday,Chezem
For a Limited Time Only!
Spin-Off Story, Chezem's Birthday, is released to celebrate his birthday!

"Chezem, why didn't you tell me about your birthday?"
Find out the reason why he doesn't like his birthday.
Fot this time, you can enjoy an episode told from Chezem's point of view!
Don't miss this rare chance!
Collect Jewels and read the Spin-off "Chezem's Birthday"!
Don't miss out on special avatar items★
And Big Chance!
Cheering Sets SALE are now on!
Early Bierds period:Jan.10, 9:00 p.m.(PST)
Event period: Until Jan.21, 9:00 p.m.(PST)

Sub Story OUT NOW!
A Poem from Him: Chikage
Chikage threw away a photo of the two of you?!
He says that right now, he cares more about being with you than a memory.
But what feeling is he hiding beneath that?
* Story contains one prologue and three main chapters – one from Chikage’s PoV!

**Be My Princess: PARTY**
The Japanese Royal New Year Event is in full swing!
Don't miss your chance for lovely avatars, new Town Spots & Date Stories!
Decorate your town for the New Year by reading the Main Story and going on Secret Dates!
Don't miss the Early Clear Bonus! Only Available until 1/12 6:59 am UTC!
Happy New Year!

!Mission Time!
The Black Foxes are hiding sale information...
Here are the instructions on how you can find the stories that are on sale!
Can you find them??
Go and check your app!

(Psst: All Season 1 and Season 2 are on sale except for Licensed to Wed)

Yuto Tsuruya's Main Story & Epilogue are NOW AVAILABLE!
To our loyal Voltage fans, sincere apologies for keeping you waiting...
We are back with new characters and new stories!

You meet the ultimate smooth talking playboy, Yuto Tsuruya, and your life takes an unexpected turn when he takes a liking to you! His friend Kamei also seems interested in you... What's going to happen in this "love battle"?!
Is he just playing games or does he want something more...?

New Sub Story: After the Wedding Bells Ring… is Available
You’ve sworn your eternal love at the wedding of your dreams... But your story’s not over yet!
…Haven’t read The Wedding yet? Don’t worry! There’s still a lot to enjoy here!

Get a glimpse of your newlywed life with your crush!

2nd Campaign: IKEMEN Ranking!!
#3 Joshua from Be My Princess
#2 Takuto from Love Letter from Thief X
#1 Eisuke from Kissed by the Baddest Bidder
Congrats to these three IKEMEN Voltage guys!
You all will be rewarded with a mystery gift with these three ikemens featured in it.
What is the mystery gift? We'll tell you in a FEW DAYS so stay tuned
PS. Holiday sale is still in effect! Read sub stories of your favorite characters and deepen your love for them... or take a chance and read a story for a completely NEW voltage character!! Sale is limited time only~!

Reminder to all that the Holiday sale is going to end SOON!!
SO MANY stories on sale!
It might be your lucky chance to fall in love with the PERFECT Voltage character!
Get it while you can, guys! Selected stories for the below game apps are all at a special price!
*Metro PD: Close to You
*Our Two Bedroom Story
*10 Days with my Devil
*Dreamy Days in West Tokyo
*Finally, in Love Again
*First Love Diaries
*Be My Princess 2
PS. 3rd Holiday Campaign details are as below
We will pick out the 3 most popular apps of December and January and these 3 will also be featured in the "MYSTERY GIFT". So in total there will be 9 "gifts" from all three campaigns for YOU GUYS from US here at Voltage!
The "Mystery Gift" will be revealed on facebook in a COUPLE more days... Stay tuned!!!
Help your app get to the top if hasn't reached the top in the two previous campaigns!!
Final Results will be announced next week!

Fifth Character Yuto Tsuruya is COMING SOON!
"I like Japanese sweets and... beautiful women. "
A young, aspiring model and the ultimate chick magnet,
Yuto Tsuruya is always smooth with the ladies...
Will you fall for a playboy like him though!? You'll find out soon!

☆* Attention Fans! *☆*
The mysterious FBI agent, Yuki Arisugawa's
Main Story & Epilogue are coming soon!

You start living with Yuki again.
You think you're getting close to him, but...!?
Love or the Mission!?
What fate awaits you!?

A while ago, there were some rumors around, about Voltage removing some of their older games. Now it looks like that the rumor was true, only that it will be Solmare who removes some of their games. 
On the game's pages in the App Store and Google Play you can read this:
This app will be removed from the App Store/Google Play on January 23, 2015 (Example)
The games affected are:
KONKATSU for Marriage
Heian Love
Actor to Be
If you still want to play them, install them before January 23.
I'm really sad, of course and a little angry with Solmare. From my point of view, it looks like Solmare is a well going company, so I really can't understand why they HAVE TO remove games...

My Sweet Proposal - New Event
We have the pleasure to announce that a new limited Event is coming to celebrate the New Year !
Get the chance to celebrate New Year as Japanese do traditionnaly !
Send Greeting Cards to your favorite lovers to vote for him, and get him to go with you to the Shrine for the first visit of the year !
Get a lot of items for your avatar and his avatar and increase your charm and affection !
The event is starting on december 29th, until january 4th !
Wait for it !

The Sweet New Year Event has begun!

It's almost the end of the year! Just how will you see the New Year in with your hubby?
You miss seeing the first sunrise of the year, but then Yamato takes you somewhere totally unexpected to cheer you up!? An awkward nightmare about Ren and Takao haunts you, while Ren seems infatuated with a... kotatsu? Saeki's way of seeing the New Year in is completely alien to you, while the ever so traditional Takao takes you to the shrine, and Kunihiko to your hometown!
Happy New Year!
**Yamato and Ren's route will be added on 1/5(UTC).
Be sure to check out...
*Super Early Clear Bonus:
Clear 1 Happy End by 12/31 1:00am (UTC) and get Flowery Updo Hairstyle!
*Early Clear Bonus Part 1:
Clear 3 Happy Ends by 1/5 7:00am (UTC) and get a Vivid Japanese Umbrella!
*Early Clear Bonus Part 2:
Clear 4 Happy Ends by 1/8 3:00am (UTC) and get Japanese Updo Hairstyle!
*Many other Special Prizes will be waiting for you, so be sure to check them all!
Only until 1/11 6:00am (UTC)!

New Fashion Gacha OPEN!

New Year's Date Fashion Gacha is now available!
Put on a kimono and go to your first visit to the shrine! There's a Gacha Medal sale with Closet space going on too, so don't miss it!

Gacha ends on 1/14 7:00am (UTC).
Happy Spinning!

2nd Campaign: IKEMEN Ranking!! second round*
Eisuke is on the lead, followed by Takuto.


2nd Campaign Details:

We've picked out the IKEMEN character with the most votes from each game app and we're letting you guys choose the IKEMEN character of the year!!!!
You will be rewarded with this "mystery gift" for the game apps with the TOP 3 IKEMEN, so make sure to participate!!!
We'll post images on facebook of the TOP 12 IKEMENs on 12/26 (Friday) PST aaaaand 12/29 (Monday) PST for a second round!
The TOP 3 IKEMENs with the most accumulated Likes, Shares, and comments will be featured in the mystery gift!
Who will the TOP 3 IKEMENs be?? Stay tuned on facebook!

[NIFLHEIM+ NEWS #25] by Skeltiano (o..o)  
Princess~How are you today? I can tell you one thing, you are bee-uuutiful today as well! (●´∀`●)
I am here on fays-book to tell you not about events in Niflheim, but how popular I am in the world of the living♪
As you may have heard in Producer K’s Dev notes,
Behold! Our beloved MASTER artist from the Shall we date? team hand-made a little figurine of meeeee!!
Look how solid it is! Look how realistic it is! And oh, look how handsome it is!
Even if I turn miniature, my elegance fails to escape me!
This is exactly how I am in real life, don’t you think so, Princess? ^^
Having a figurine made of myself tells me also that love and popularity towards me is so great in the world of the living...
I cannot but feel grateful♪ Princess, please do continue to enjoy the fanart of Niflheim!

New Event!
New Year's Holiday Special Slot is now on!
Go for it Princess! Get these kawaiikimono and mystical Shinto priestess costume!
Your prince will be crazy about you!
And Big Chance!
Cheering Sets SALE are now on!
Event period: Jan.7, 9:00 p.m.(PST)

New Event!
"Let's put on a play together!" The vigilantes are now assembled into an impromptu theatrical troupe at Hotaka's suggestion!
A real ninja is playing a ninja role... How will the curtain fall on them?
Happy Holidays! New event "Hanafuda Avalanche -Ninja Playing Ninja?!-" started! Collect many hanafuda cards and get limited avatar items!

Hanafuda Avalanche Early Completion period: Until Dec.30 8 p.m.(PST)

New Event!
Princess~Have you come to Niflheim today?
If you have, you should have noticed, that...
Niflheim’s National Memorial Festival has staaaaaarted~★★★
Spending the special day with him...getting a letter from him...a photo from him... I expect you do not want to miss this chance!
This will be your first Memorial Day in Niflheim, and it only comes once in a year(^^♪
We will be waiting in Niflheim for you, looking out for you so you will not miss every little chance of sharing the merriment~!!

New Spin-off is out!
We’ve added spin-offs “Jealous Fellas” in Guilty Alice! Joker’s, Sakuto’s, and Mad’s stories are available. And the Prologue is for free!
How will your beloved man get ‘jealous’?
The word ‘jealous’ may sound negative, but it also is an emotion derived from love.
If you want to deepen your love, you need to tell how you honestly feel about each other!

New Event
"Who's the Most Favorite Character?"
The first-ever event in the "Shall we date?" series!!!
New Year's Big Event
Make Your Vote Count!
Only the top 5 players, the true Destiny Ninja fans, will get gooooorgeous set items!!!
Promotion period until: Jan. 13, 1:00 am (JST)
Dear every Shall we date? fan, I wish you a Happy New Year!

New Events!
Hello, my favorite princesses! How are your holidays going so far? It’s me, Goemon. I’m here today to announce TWO events that will make your holiday unforgettable! I hope you enjoy them! For details, see below.
Event No.1: Happy Holiday Wishes Event
Get all avatar items to complete the New Year Costume (limited edition) by...
-Collecting Karuta Cards
-Getting a higher ranking
-Reading early for early bird prizes
I can’t wait to see your new look!

Event No. 2: Happy Wedding Special Event
Read three wedding spin-offs, “Love Trip For Marriage”, “Sweet Wedding”, and “Sweet Honeymoon”. Don’t you want to know what’s going on during and after the wedding? 
Available from Dec. 29, 11:00 PM to Jan. 4, 11:00 PM (PST): Saizo, Sasuke
Available from Jan. 4, 11:00 PM to Jan. 11, 11:00 PM (PST): Kotaro, Goemon (That’s me!)

Don’t miss these romantic stories, especially MINE!
Now there’re only a few days left this year. I hope you enjoy the rest of your holidays and let me love you more next year, okay?

New Spin off is out!
Yukiya “It seems a set of new spin-offs ‘Carbuncle Bungle’ is out today.”
Elias “...It’s so fast, isn’t it? I thought the main stories were just released last week.”
Luca “Hey. That’s just showing how much the staffs want everyone to enjoy Wizardess Heart+ you know?
...By the way, Elias, Yukiya. Did you guys read all of our spin-offs already?”
Yukiya “.........No.”
Elias “Luca, stop trying to tease us. So did you read, Luca?”
Luca “Not yet, but I’ve heard the brief outlines, and... that girl with pigtails seems to turn into a Carbuncle. On top of that, she’s gonna sneak into our boys’ dorm, revealing our ‘things’ like this and that... Yukiya seems to enjoy doing such daring thing with her... Men! Can’t wait to read... Sounds just so much fun there, hehe! *evil grin*”
Elias “W-W-W-W-What?! Y-Yukiya, what did you do to her?! How dare you could do something such disgraceful in the sacred academy?! *panic*”
Yukiya “...Too much imagination’s going on here...”
Luca “Ah. Girls! Did you know these spin-offs are a set of subplots from each of our main stories? These are the missing episodes of our main stories, so you can enjoy them much more if you read them. I suggest you to complete reading the episodes of 8th day for Elias’ main story, 7th day for Yukiya’s and 5th day for mine!”

BIIIIII------G Holiday Campaign SALE for you guys!!
Read Aki, Momo, and Yoh's stories for a SPECIAL PRICE!
Yes, ALL stories of these characters are on sale at the moment.
To those who are just tuning into Finally, in Love Again:
Aki is the owner of Larme, a popular cake shop in the neighborhood. He is cool, earnest, sometimes cruel and deceiving... which makes him unpredictable and at times, intimidating.
Momo is the patisserie at Larme- yes, a guy patisserie.. pretty sexy if I must say.
But he is pretty rough around the edges and can sometimes be a little too rude and blunt. But there's no denying that his passion for making cakes is impressive. For all of you TSUNDERE lovers out there, oooh Momo is definitely the epitome of TSUNDERE.
Yoh is the cute, puppy dog-like character that you just want to hug and kiss all over. He'
s so cute; but maybe a little too "cute" for you? You can find out by reading his stories

Holiday Campaign!
2nd Campaign Details:
We've picked out the IKEMEN character with the most votes from each game app and we're letting you guys choose the IKEMEN character of the year!!!!
You will be rewarded with this "mystery gift" for the game apps with the TOP 3 IKEMEN, so make sure to participate!!!
We'll post images on facebook of the TOP 12 IKEMENs on 12/26 (Friday) PST aaaaand 12/29 (Monday) PST for a second round!
The TOP 3 IKEMENs with the most accumulated Likes, Shares, and comments will be featured in the mystery gift!
Who will the TOP 3 IKEMENs be?? Stay tuned on facebook!

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