27 January, 2015

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Mononoke Kiss + The Way to His Lair (Enojo) Spin off


 (*Note: There is no change in the Love Meter (either Solmare made it specifically that way, or it's a bug...), so it doesn't matter which answer you choose.)

Chapter 1

1.3 Play with him today. [Intimacy remains the same]
Promise to brush his tail for a week.[Intimacy remains the same]

1.4 (Item Checkpoint - 1 Passport Needed)

1.5 Make a flower wreath from Beni's favorite flower. [Intimacy remains the same]
Make a flower wreath using flowers that'd suit Beni. [Intimacy remains the same]

1.9 Chase after determine looking Shiratama. [Intimacy remains the same]
Chase after watchful Beni.[Intimacy remains the same]

1.12 (Item Checkpoint - 2 Passport Needed)

Chapter 2

2.1 Buy some fragrant fried tofu. [Intimacy remains the same]
Buy some shiny marbles. [Intimacy remains the same]

(Item Checkpoint - 2 Passport Needed)


  1. Thanks for the note. Since the love meter was always the same I was asking me if I had made some mistakes but I see it is the same for you. ;)

    1. I was a little confused myself, but I saw on a couple of other pages that they too have no change in the love meter.