03 January, 2015

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Wizardess Heart + Luca Orlem

(*Note: This Walkthrough is still not completed. BUT the questions in this game are rather easy. Just read carefully what is asked and chose an answer. Most of the time you will see right away if you got the right one (like a professor asking which elements are the base for magic and if you choose the wrong he says s.t. like "No, you're wrong! Study harder...") Simply go back to My Page before you finish reading this episode and try the same episode with another answer again! ^^ Also the maximum on Intimacy you can get for a right answer is +7.)

1.03 Garnet (Intimacy +7)

1.06 I won't forgive you.
Well, whatever. (Intimacy +7)

1.07 ~Special Story~
(Get CG)

1.10 Say he was here.
Hide that he was here. (Intimacy +7)

1.12 That's mean!
I do not! (Intimacy +7)

(Get Journal)

2.03 ~Magic Challenge: Avatar Mission~
Magic Wand (Charm +5) - 500 Lune

2.05 Protest. (Intimacy +7) 
Watch how things go.

2.07 I can’t believe you! (Intimacy +7) 
You have a point...

2.10 Rainbow (Intimacy +7) 
Super Moon
2.14 Yes, you did! (Intimacy +7) 
Not really…
I give up.

(Get Journal)

3.02  ~Magic Challenge: Avatar Mission~
Premium: Antique Hair Clip (Charm +25) - 250 Coins
Normal: Necklace (Charm +5) - 50 Coins or 500 Lune

3.04 Black Magic
White Magic (Intimacy +7)
Blue Magic
Red Magic

3.07 No way.
All right. (Intimacy +7)

3.08 ~Special Story~
(Get CG)

3.10 Ask him about the Acceptance Letter. [No Intimacy]
Ask him about the Three Mages. [No Intimacy]
Ask him about Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy. [No Intimacy]

3.11 Ask him about Luca himself. [No Intimacy]
Ask him about the headmaster. [No Intimacy]
Ask him about Serge Durandal. [No Intimacy]

3.13 Light (Intimacy +7)

(Get Journal)

 4.01 You're teasing me again!
Thanks... (Intimacy +7)

4.02 Maybe he is trying to change. (Intimacy +7)
You have a point there.

4.03 The East Forest.
The Tower of Sorrow. (Intimacy +7)
The school grouds.
The botanical garden.

4.05 ~Magic Challenge: Magic Grade~
Need 500 Magic Grade Points

4.06 Then why say it? (Intimacy +7)
Are you still a pillow, Luca?

4.08 A serious guy.
A mysterious guy.
 A guy with a bad boy flare. (Intimacy +7)

4.09 In the lowest floor.
In the garden.
In the reception hall.
In the uppermost floor. (Intimacy +7)

(Get Journal)

5.01 Not really...
Are you curious? (Intimacy +7)

5.03 The pen.
The flower.
The coin. (Intimacy +7)
The shield.

5.09 Chase after Luca. (Intimacy +7)
Talk to Elias.
5.14 ~Magic Challenge: Magic Grade~
Need 2,000 Magic Grade Points

5.15 That’s mean! (Intimacy +7)
Did something happen between you?

(Get Journal)

6.03 To the library. [No Intimacy]
To the courtyard. [No Intimacy]
To professor Merkulova’s office. [No Intimacy]
To a classroom. [No Intimacy]
Go to the auditorium. [No Intimacy]

6.03 I’m not sure
I’m curious about him.
There’s no helping him.
The real Luca is… (Intimacy +7)

6.04 ~Magic Challenge: Magic Grade~
Need 4,000 Magic Grade Points

6.04 Go to the archive. [No Intimacy]

 6.06 ~Special Story~
(Get CG)

6.07 The pen.
The flower
The coin (Intimacy +7)
The shield

(Get Journal)

7.02 Garnet (Intimacy +7)

7.03 It was to get the textbook. [No Intimacy]
Actually, I was taking a walk… [No Intimacy]
… [No Intimacy]
My Carbuncle ran away. [No Intimacy]
7.04 ~Magic Challenge: Avatar Mission~
 Premium: Cute Yellow Dress – 400 Coins
Normal: Casual Dress - 100 Coins or 3000 Lune

7.05 I don’t know.
Because you’re my Buddy.
Because I believe in you. (Intimacy +7)

(Get Journal)

8.02 I didn’t. (Intimacy +7)
I did.

8.02 That’s an over-exaggeration. (Intimacy +7)
Yeah it might.

8.03 Are you real?
I’m proud of you. (Intimacy +7)
What are you up to?

8.04 Sonatas
Arias (Intimacy +7)

8.05 ~Special Story~
(Get CG)

8.06 I believe you. (Intimacy +7)
That’s because…
I want to believe you.

(Get Journal)

9.02 Stop him. (Intimacy +7)
Don’t stop him.

9.03 The largest.
Eighth largest.
Third largest.
Fifth largest. (Intimacy +7)

9.05 You might be right…
But…! (Intimacy +7)

9.06 I know.(Intimacy +7)
That’s cruel.

9.08 ~Magic Challenge: Magic Grade~
Need 9,500 Magic Grade Points

9.09 I am. (Intimacy +7)
 I’m not.

(Get Journal)

10.03 Gnome (Intimacy +7)

10.05 That’s true…
Don’t worry! (Intimacy +7)

10.08 ~Magic Challenge: Magic Grade~
Need 11,250 Magic Grade Points

10.09 Yes, I am…
I’m not scared. (Intimacy +7)

10.11 I don’t mind getting hurt. (Intimacy +7)
I don’t want to get hurt either.

 (Get Journal)

11(1).02 He’s fine. (Intimacy +7)

11(1).03 Chimera
Medusa (Intimacy +7)

11(1).05 ~Magic Challenge: Avatar Mission~
 Premium: Pretty Cupcake – 500 Coins
Normal: Cookie - 300 Coins or 6,5000 Lune

11(1).08 I’m sorry. (Intimacy +7)
I’m fine…
I’m not okay.

11(1).09 What happened?
I’m so glad you got out okay… (Intimacy +7)

(Get Journal)

11(2).01 Is it?
It’s not. (Intimacy +7)

11(2).05 ~Magic Challenge: Magic Grade~
Need 14,500 Magic Grade Points

11(2).07 Of course I would!
It’s for your sake, Luca. (Intimacy +7)

11(2).08 I don’t want to.
Fine… (Intimacy +7)

11(2).10 You can still turn back.
This isn’t like you. (Intimacy +7)

(Get Journal)

Day 11-Part 3: Royal Blood

11(3).02 Stop Luca. (Intimacy +7)
Stop Professor Schuyler.
Stop both of them.

11(3).04 This has to be some sort of mistake. (Intimacy +7)
Then, I'm amazing, aren't I!?

11(3).06 That's pointless.
Don't worry about me! (Intimacy +7)
11(3).09 It was horrible.
It doesn't matter anymore. (Intimacy +7)

11(3).07 ~Magic Challenge: Magic Grade~
Need 17,000 Magic Grade Points

(Get Journal)

12.03 An unpleasant person (Intimacy +7)
A beautiful person
A mysterious person

12.05 Same goes for me (Intimacy +7)
What do you mean by that?

12.08 Rainbow (Intimacy +7)
  Super Moon

The pen
The flower
The coin (Intimacy +7)
The shield

Arias (Intimacy +7)

A Chimera
Medusa (Intimacy +7)
A Griffin

12.10 ~Magic Challenge: Avatar Mission~
Premium: Cute Dress - 900 Coins
Normal: Simple Dress - 500 Coins or 10000 Lune

Happy End:
Need 338+ Intimacy

Normal End:
Need 225-338 Intimacy

Unhappy End:
Need 0-225 Intimacy

Happy Ending

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