18 February, 2015

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Guilty Alice - Ash

(*Note: There are two different Endings: The Sweet Ending and the Alice Ending)  

Main Story


Chapter 1
You don't need to wake me up.
I prefer lively places.

Chapter 2
Why are you smiling?
How rude!

Chapter  3
... I don't want to think about it.
Don't leave me here!

Chapter 4
Say good morning.
I haven't done anything to him!

Chapter  5
Let's run away!
I want to be with Ash!

Chapter 6
What should I do?
Pretend to be asleep.

Chapter 7
I hope you two can work things out.
I don't want to be a bother to anybody...

Chapter 8
I probably do miss him.
... I am so happy!

Chapter 9
Tell him it's the most beautiful in the world.
You don't need to force yourself any longer...

Chapter 10
We have to do something!
Come back safely.

Chapter 11
(I have to find a way to escape!)
I don't want him to suffer.

Chapter 12
Something special.
Thank you.

Chapter 13
Wrap my arms over his shoulders.
What's wrong?

Chapter 14
Ash saved me.
I want you to show me around.

Chapter 15
Could Wonderland really change?
I want to protect this "Heart" inside of me.


Chapter 1
I wonder what he's dreaming about.
I like both.

Chapter 2
I don't think that's right...
What's your relationship with Ash?

Chapter 3
This time together is going to help me.
It may be a trap...

Chapter 4
Say good morning.
We just got to know each other a little better.

Chapter 5
Let's try to talk things through with them.
I want to take my mind off of things.

Chapter 6
I don't want to be a bother to anyone.
Tell him that I'm just so scared.

Chapter 7
I want to know more about Ash.
You won't protect me?

Chapter   8
I want to go with him.
Did you run into any trouble?

Chapter 9
Hug him.
I want to know the real you.

Chapter 10
What about Red Queen?
Good luck out there!

Chapter 11
Where are we?
I have to go.

Chapter 12
True strenght.
I'm sorry.

Chapter 13
I'm sorry, Ash.!
Rub his back.

Chapter 14
Cheshire Cat...
Let's make another crown of flowers.

Chapter 15
Think without giving a clear response.
I want to change the future.

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