11 February, 2015

[Walkthrough] Sleepless Cinderella (Party) - Ryoichi Hirose - Season 1

(*Note: The best answers are those where you get a "Good Choice". If you still picked a wrong answer - don't worry. There are several Chemistry-Checkpoints where you can buy Chemistry with Gems. Sometimes you can get those Gems by completing the Daily Mission or with the Special Interview! If you encounter any wrong answeres here, please let me know, so I can fix them. Thanks!)

Common Route

Chapter 1: A World of Light

1.03 A: The governor of Tokyo in the city.
B: The Cabinet Minister on the left.
C: The CEO on the right. (Good Choice!)

~TF Mission~
Need 10 Trust Factor

Chapter 2: Lucky Cinderella

2.04 A: Not at all.
B: I introduced myself. (Good Choice!)
C: I made eye contact with him.

2.05 A: Force your way through the reporters.
B: Try talking to someone. (Good Choice!)
C: Take pictures.

Chapter 3: Up-close and Personal

3.05 A: Talk back at him. (Good Choice!)
B: Stare at him coldly.
C: Ignore him.

3.09 A: The bathroom.
B: The balcony.
C: The entrance. (Good Choice!)

Chapter 4: Spellbound

4.01 A: I can’t stand it. (Good Choice!)
B: I guess there’s nothing I can do…
C: I don’t want to deal with her.

4.09 A: My glasses.
B: My cell phone.
C: My jacket. (Good Choice!)

Season 1: Main Story

Episode 1: A Dream Come True

1.04 A:Apologize. (Good Choice!)
B: Leave the room quietly.
C: Chase after the woman.

1.07 A: I shake my head in shock. (Good Choice!)
B: I push him away.
C: I let him do what he wants.

(Get a Letter)

Episode 2: Best Laid Plans

2.04 A: Think of another plan.
B: Have Atsushi call.
C: Don't give up. (Good Choice!)
~TF Mission~
Need 1,000 Trust Factor

2.08 A: Nothing happened.
B: I won't dignify that with an answer. (Good Choice!)
C: I'll leave it up to your imagination.

(Get a Letter)

Episode 3: Who's that Woman?

3.03 A: I can't. (Good Choice!)
B: I'll do anything to win.
C: I'm leaving it all up to luck.

~Special Story: The Fighter~
To read it you need 10 Chemistry

3.09 A: Is that bad? (Good Choice!)
B: It has nothing to do with you.
C: Don't say anything.

(Get a Letter)

Episode 4: What Readers Want

4.03 A: I can't.
B: I'll do my best. (Good Choice!)
C: As long as it's not anything weird...

4.10 A: It'd be nice if they were.
B: Of course not.
C: I think, you probably are. (Good Choice!)

(Get a Letter)

Episode 5: The Writer Ryoichi Hirose

5.04 A: We're just working together. (Good Choice!)
B: We're more than friends, but less than lovers.
C: I'm kinda like his pet.

~Avatar Mission~
Sweet Route: Navy Lace Party Outfit (+36 Glamour) - 3 Gems -> Get a CG!
Normal Route: Gold Clutch Bag (+12 Glamour) - 1 Gem or 1,200 Salary

5.08 A: I think it's really interesting.
B: It's just as I expected. (Good Choice!)
C: I don't know much about this stuff.

~Special Story: In the Best Hands~
To read it you need 20 Chemistry

(Get a Letter)

Episode 6: Mystified

6.03 A: I'm not your toy to play with! (Good Choice!)
B: I'm tired of arguing with you.
C: I'm just used to it.

~TF Mission~
Need 8,000 Trust Factor

6.08 A: A fancy dinner.
B: A trip overseas.
C: I don't really need to go on a date. (Good Choice!)

(Get a Letter)

Episode 7: The Trip

7.03 A: If you say so. (Good Choice!)
B: I just can't.
C: I haven't even done anything.

7.09 A: Well, I'm in Paris!
B: The wine is just do good!
C: It's because I'm with you. (Good Choice!)

~Special Story: Erratic Behaviour~
To read it you need 30 Chemistry

(Get a Letter)

Episode 8: A Party to Remember

8.04 A: I Nod. (Good Choice!)
B: I shake my head No.
C: I wallk up to him.

8.09 A: Stop it.
B: It has nothing to do with you.
C: Of course he's not my type. (Good Choice!)

~Special Story: The Link~
To read it you need 40 Chemistry

(Get a Letter)

Episode 9: Riddles

9.04 A:I want to talk to you about something. (Good Choice!)
B: Am I interrupting?
C: Yeah, see you?

9.08 A: No, I'm not.
B: I'm cheering for the both of you.
C: I answer noncommittally. (Good Choice!)

(Get a Letter)

Episode 10: The Scandal

~TF Mission~
Need 25,000 Trust Factor

10.04 A: It might be...
B: I have no idea... (Good Choice!)
C: It doesn't have anything to do with me...

10.08 A: We're not on the best terms right now, so...
B: He'd never plagiarize someone else's work. (Good Choice!)
C: It might be all my fault.

(Get a Letter)

Episode 11: A Moral Question

11.05 A: Keep quiet. (Good Choice!)
B: Tell him the truth.
C: Wait for him to speak.

~Special Story: Strategies~
To read it you need 50 Chemistry

11.09 A: I can't say.
B: I have to apologize to him. (Good Choice!)
C: I don't know.

(Get a Letter)

Episode 12: The Last Resort

12.03 A: When did you notice?
B: I had no idea. (Good Choice!)
C: But it's still my fault.

12.08 A: He seemed fine.
B: He told me not to worry about it.
C: I can't forgive him. (Good Choice!)

(Get a Letter)

Episode 13: Best Allies

13.03 A: I can't say.
B: It's kind of a long story, but... (Good Choice!)
C: I don't know, if I should be the one telling you...

13.08 A: I'd like to believe that.
B: I can't believe that anymore.
C: It's okay. (Good Choice!)

~Special Story: The Power of Emotion~
To read it you need 70 Chemistry

(Get a Letter)
Episode 14: Face-Off

14.03 A: I'd never do that.
B: All I wanted was the truth. (Good Choice!)
C: I'm leaving.

~Avatar Mission~
Sweet Route: Formal Kimono (+96 Glamour) - 8 Gems -> Get a CG!
Normal Route: Pink Kimono Bag (+60 Glamour) - 5 Gems or 6,000 Salary

14.07 A: ... fix my dress.
B: ... hug Ryoichi (Good Choice!)
C: hide behind Ryoichi.

Episode 15: The Powerful Words

[no questions]
Get CG

Epilogue: One More Thing

[no questions]


  1. Do you know what purpose does the common route serve? Does the answers in the common route affect chemistry?

    1. Yes it does. The Chemistry points you collect during the Common Route are later used for the Main Story. So, if you get a lot of Chemistry in the Common Route, it's easier to reach the requested amount of Chemistry Points for the Secret Happy End (or whichever Ending you want). The only thing I'm not sure about is, if you can play through the Common Route every time you change Character, or if you can only play it once... Well, I guess I have to wait until I finish a route to know the answer ^^


  2. hi do u know how many chemistry points will it take to get secret happy ending?

    1. Hi!
      For the Secret Happy Ending, you need 80 Chemistry Points and 42,000 Trust Factor.

  3. How many chemistry points do we get per gem?

  4. Does anyone how can get gems without purchasing ?