12 February, 2015

[Walkthrough] Sleepless Cinderella (Party) - Yuzuki Kitaoji - Season 1

(*Note: The best answers are those where you get a "Good Choice". If you still picked a wrong answer - don't worry. There are several Chemistry-Checkpoints where you can buy Chemistry with Gems. Sometimes you can get those Gems by completing the Daily Mission or with the Special Interview! If you encounter any wrong answeres here, please let me know, so I can fix them. Thanks!)

Common Route

Chapter 1: A World of Light

1.03 A: The governor of Tokyo in the city.
B: The Cabinet Minister on the left.
C: The CEO on the right. (Good Choice!)

~TF Mission~
Need 10 Trust Factor

Chapter 2: Lucky Cinderella

2.04 A: Not at all.
B: I introduced myself. (Good Choice!)
C: I made eye contact with him.

2.05 A: Force your way through the reporters.
B: Try talking to someone. (Good Choice!)
C: Take pictures.

Chapter 3: Up-close and Personal

3.05 A: Talk back at him. (Good Choice!)
B: Stare at him coldly.
C: Ignore him.

3.09 A: The bathroom.
B: The balcony.
C: The entrance. (Good Choice!)

Chapter 4: Spellbound

4.01 A: I can’t stand it. (Good Choice!)
B: I guess there’s nothing I can do…
C: I don’t want to deal with her.

4.09 A: My glasses.
B: My cell phone.
C: My jacket. (Good Choice!)

Season 1: Main Story

1.01 A:Wait and watch what he does.
B: Edge away from him.
C: Clutch the blanket. (Good Choice!)

1.06 A: See who's calling.
B: Answer the phone.(Good Choice!)
C: Don't answer the phone.

2.02 A: Shrink away.
C: Glare. (Good Choice!)

2.05 ~TF Mission~
Need 1,000 Trust Factor

2.08 A: Ask if it's really okay.
 B: Do it next time.
C: Listen to what he has to say. (Good Choice!)

3.02 A: Ask him if he’s okay.
B: Press him for more. (Good Choice!)
C: End the conversation.

3.06 A: How about Yuzu?
B: Kitaoji?
C: Yuzuki…? (Good Choice!)

3.09 ~Special Story~
To read it you need 10 Chemistry

4.5 A: Did you sleep well?
B: Is your fever gone? (Good Choice!)
C: Did you eat breakfast?

4.? A: He asked me to do it.
B: I got special permission.
C: I was surprised, too. (Good Choice!)

5.? A: Try to avoid the subject.
B: Decline politely. (Good Choice!)
C: Accept his offer.

5.? ~Special Story~
To read it you need 20 Chemistry

5.06 -> If you play the Sweet Route, you get a CG!

5.09 A: I cry.
B: I stare at him in anger. (Good Choice!)
C: I ignore him.

6.03 A: Anywhere is fine.
B: (It's not like we can go anywhere...)
C: I need to think about it. (Good Choice!)

6.04 ~TF Mission~
Need 8,000 Trust Factor

6.07 A: Call him ‘darling’. (Good Choice!)
B: Call him 'babe'.
C: Call him 'David'.

6.10 ~Special Story~
To read it you need 30 Chemistry

7.03 A: Get some sake. (Good Choice!)
B: Get some whiskey and water.
C: Get a beer.

7.07 A: Remain silent.
B: There was nothing else I could do...
C: It’s part of my job… (Good Choice!)

8.02 A: Chihaya Koda.
B: Noel Aijima.
C: Mirai Kageyama. (Good Choice!)

8.09 A: I contemplate whether to pick it up or not.
B: I don't answer.
C: I answer the phone. (Good Choice!)

9.01 A: Smile.
B: Don't say anything.
C: You’re embarrassed. (Good Choice!)

9.05 ~Special Story~
To read it you need 40 Chemistry

9.10 A: Because I'm a woman.
B: Because it makes you feel better.
C: Because I’m a journalist. (Good Choice!)

10.03 A: I don’t know.
B: I do.
C: Not at all. (Good Choice!)

10.08 ~TF Mission~
Need 25,000 Trust Factor

11.02 A: I ignore her.
B: I’m not meeting him today. (Good Choice!)
C: How should I know?

11.06 A: Sorry.
B: Thanks for calling.
C: That sounds nice. (Good Choice!)

11.10 ~Special Story~
To read it you need 50 Chemistry

12.01 A: I'm really proud of it.
B: I learned a lot from it.
C: Thanks. (Good Choice!)

12.04 A: No we didn’t. (Good Choice!)
B: Yeah, we did.
C: How did you know?

12.06 -> If you play the Sweet Route, you get a CG!

13.? A: Take a rest.
B: Do whatever Satsuki prefers.
C: Take the tour. (Good Choice!)

13.? A: A picture of Satsuki.
B: A picture of the two siblings.(Good Choice!)
C: A picture of Yuzuki.

13.? ~Special Story~
To read it you need 70 Chemistry

14.? A: I don't want to think about it.
B: I can't lie to you.
C: I can’t believe this. (Good Choice!)

14.? A: Won't you meet me?
B: Wait! (Good Choice!)
C: Don't tell me not to worry!

[no questions]
Get CG

[no questions]


  1. I finished Secret End and I'm sad that we don't get a dress or something...

  2. Do we get a chance to increase our chemistry points when we have to choose our ending???

    1. Yes using gems
      3 Chenistry = 1 gem I think

    2. Yes using gems
      3 Chenistry = 1 gem I think

    3. Yes, that's about right. Right before you progress with the Ending, you can buy Chemistry with Gems and like Horeza said, 1 Gem is about 3 or 5 Chemistry Points (sorry, I can't remember how much exactely. It's been a while since I last played this game).

  3. Hi, did anyone play Special Story 6? I didn't play it and I'm super curious about what happened in it!! ><

  4. when u finish the divine end, what happens next? u can change character and start a new story?

    1. Yeah, you can change the character, read his Season 2 (if available) or read his story again to aim for another ending.

  5. Does picking normal route instead of sweet route give you less chemistry somehow? Because I've picked all the good choices, and sweet routes, so I've been able to read all the special stories, but I picked normal for the first time in 12.06 because I didn't have enough gems and now I somehow don't have enough chemistry to play special story #6, the last one ��

    1. As far as I know, the routes you pick don't have any influence of your chemistry, but now that you told me about what happened to you, I'm not so sure anymore...

  6. Is it weird that it says i read chaps 1-2, but I haven't made any choices in any of the chapters?

    1. Yes, that does sound weird... but then they discontinued the game, so I'm not sure if Voltage Inc not just removed all the choices in order to let everyone get the Happy Ending... Or maybe it's only a bug. It would be best, if you send them a e-mail via the support center in the game in order to let them check on your game. Not that in the end you can't get the Happy Ending, because you didn't answered any question...