16 March, 2015

[Walkthrough] Be my Princess (Party) - The Prince's Love Gift Event - Roberto


Stage 1

~Love Factor Mission~
Need 100 LF

A: Like I'd be able to get back to sleep. (+200 Love Factors)
B: Okay, I'll give it a shot.

~Love Factor Mission~
Need 500 LF

Stage 2

A: Listen to the shop girl. (+200 Love Factors)
B: Run over to Prince Roberto.

~Avatar Mission~
Lace Collar (Charm +30) - 1 Gem or 3,000 Cruz

~Love Factor Mission~
Need 2,000 LF

Stage 3

~Love Factor Mission~
Need 5,000 LF

A: It is a pretty creepy painting. (+200 Love Factors)
B: I wasn't talking about the painting.

~Avatar Mission~
Yellow Ribbon Clutch (Charm +60) - 3 Gems or 6,000 Cruz

Stage 4

~Love Factor Mission~
Need 8,500 Personal LF

A: Like the sun.
B: Like the moon. (+200 Love Factors)

~Love Factor Mission~
Need 12,500 LF

Happy Ending

A: I’ve never noticed before. (+200 Love Factors)
B: You are far more beautiful.

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