09 March, 2015

[Walkthrough] Dreamy Days in West Tokyo - Koh Uraga

Season 2: Main Story

Episode 1
We’ll be back.
Call me by my first name.

Episode 2
Where can I find a toolbox?
That’s amazing.

Episode 3 
Ask Haru

Episode 4
Hey, Koh!
This is so good!

Episode 5
The drinks were so tasty.

Episode 6
It’s a present for you.
Some things are a secret.

Episode 7
Maybe you’re right…
That sounds nice.

Episode 8
Be punny
I’ll have one more!

Episode 9
Help me fix this leak?
Sit next to him

Episode 10
Get closer
You’re not alone!

Episode 11
I’m glad he’s okay.
Are you okay now?

Episode 12
We should make some memories!
Do you like it?

Episode 13
Give him some water
That was so cool!

Episode 14
Café latte
I’ll give it to him.

Episode 15
You’re not going to eat?

Season 2: Sequel

Episode 1
I’ll see you soon.
Just a little.

Episode 2
How about tonight?
How about the shooting range?

Episode 3
I didn’t want to go out…
I wonder.

Episode 4 
Make coffee.
You’re hurting my arm…

Episode 5
Only Koh.
Watch him sleep.

Episode 6
He likes the stars.
Go home and get some sleep.

Episode 7
You did nothing wrong.
You can’t just decide that.

Episode 8 
Ask them to Black Ship?
I was enjoying the view.

Episode 9
Make something with me in mind.
To remember today by.

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