27 April, 2015

[Walkthrough] My Forged Wedding (Party) - Lovin' You Event - My Sleepy Hubby's Route


(*Note: The Affection Points mentioned here are for the first Route. After you complete a Route, this Affection Points increase.)

1.03 ~Affection Mission~
Need 100 Affection

1.04 A: Play it off by saying nothing happened. (+200 Affection)
B: I'm just happy to see all of you.

2.02 A: How cute...
B: Me too. (+200 Affection)


2.05 ~Affection Mission~
Need 4,000 Affection

3.02 A: Forcibly handing him the puppy.
B: Trying to give the puppy a kiss. (+200 Affection)

3.03 ~Affection Mission~
Need 9,000 Affection

~Individual Affection Mission to get Happy Ending~
Need 12,000 Individual Affection

4.02 ~Affection Mission~
Need 15,000 Affection

A: Honestly agree.
B: You're not an excellent husband, then?  (+200 Affection)

4.05 ~Affection Mission~
Need 18,000 Affection

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