19 December, 2015

[Walkthrough] Dreamy Days in West Tokyo - Rei(ji) Uraga

Season 2: Main Story
Episode 1
  Where are you going?
What about you, Rei?

Episode 2
It’s not like anyone would do.
  An older sister…

Episode 3
  What would you like?
  Give me private lessons?

Episode 4
  Go talk
  I want to know more.

Episode 5
Of course not
I may not go anymore

Episode 6
  Go home
  Doesn’t that make you sad?

Episode 7
  I’ll help you clean up.
  I’m not being considerate.

Episode 8
  Was it really that bad?
  Rei, are you okay?

Episode 9
  I’m nervous…
  I’ll do something for you, too.

Episode 10
  Johji’s my guardian.
  Do you hate me?

Episode 11
  I wanted to talk to you, too.
Because it’s you...

Episode 12
  If it were really a joke…
  He’s right in front of me.

Episode 13
  It’s my pseudonym.

Episode 14
  I don’t believe it!
  What are you saying!?

Episode 15
Are you sure?
  It’s a secret.

Season 2: Sequel

Episode 1
  You’re teasing me again!
  You’re going to live here?

Episode 2
  That’s you.
  I’m happy!

Episode 3
  I’ll be more careful, too.
I suppose...

Episode 4
  I’m embarrassed.
  Let me help.

Episode 5
  Look at Reiji
  You’re too nice.

Episode 6
  It’s not a nuisance.
  I got a little carried away.

Episode 7
  Call out
  I want to believe you.

Episode 8
  Thank you for comforting me.
  You should’ve said so sooner!

Episode 9
  I didn’t do anything.
  Just the two of us, alone?

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  1. thank you for all of e walktrough... you're really amazing ^_^