December 7, 2015

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Wizardess Heart + Joel Crawford

(*Note: The maximum on Intimacy you can get for a right answer is +7. )
(Special Thanks to Mai & Lilian for helping with the Walkthrough!)

Main Story

Day 1: A Memory from a Long Time Ago

1.03 Just tell me.
Don’t be like that! (Intimacy +7)

1.05 What’s it like here? (Intimacy +7)
Aren’t you lonely?

1.08 ~Special Story~
Get CG x2

1.09 That’s really mean! (Intimacy +7)

1.10 Maybe…
But it feels so nice! (Intimacy +7)

1.14 Oh yeah? (Intimacy +7)
I know.

Day 2: The Tarot’s Hint

2.06 How is that possible?
I’ll do my best! (Intimacy +7)

2.08 ~Magic Challenge: Avatar Mission~ 
Butterfly Earrings (Charm 5) - 500 Lune

2.11 78
22 (Intimacy +7)

2.12 No, nothing.
You’re kind of mean sometimes. (Intimacy +7)

2.12 Library [No change]
Greenhouse [No change]
Courtyard [No change]
Auditorium  [No change]

2.13 Sorry. (Intimacy +7)
That’s not true at all.

Day 3: Cappera’s Song

3.04 You’ve said too much. (Intimacy +7)
Just let them be.

3.07 Aria (Intimacy +7)

3.09 Stop Eress.
Stop Joel. (Intimacy +7)

3.11 ~Special Story~
Get CG x2

3.12 ~Magic Challenge: Avatar Mission~
Premium: Cute Flower Festoon (Charm +25) – 250 Coins
Normal: Sparkly Snow Dome (Charm +5) – 50 Coins or 500 Lune

3.13 No way!
Maybe… (Intimacy +7)

3.14 He’s a good guy. (Intimacy +7)
I know, but…

Day 4: Budding Feelings

4.02 Okay… (Intimacy +7)
What do you mean by that?!

4.04 Pentacle
Wand (Intimacy +7)

4.07 Talk to the professors. [No change]
Talk to the other students. [No change]
Research at the library. [No change]
Ask Prefect Klaus. [No change]

4.09 Of course! (Intimacy +7)
You don’t want me to?

4.10 ~Magic Challenge: Magic Grade~
Need 500 Magic Grade Points

Day 5: To the Tree of Knowledge

5.02 I wonder if this is really okay.
We’re defenitely going to pull this off! (Intimacy +7)

5.03 Salamanders
Undines (Intimacy +7)

5.07 Thanks…
I’m fine! (Intimacy +7)

5.10 ~Magic Challenge: Magic Grade~
Need 2,000 Magic Grade Points

5.11 But… (Intimacy +7)

Day 6: End of a Journey

6.01 Don’t tell me you’re a girl?
Did you lie to me? (Intimacy +7)

6.02 I still look like a child? (Intimacy +7)
You’ve changed.

6.03 ~Special Story~
Get CG x2

6.03 I don’t remember… (Intimacy +7)
I do remember!

6.06 I don’t! (Intimacy +7)
Well, I…

6.07 ~Special Story~
Get CG x3

6.08 ~Magic Challenge: Magic Grade~
Need 4,000 Magic Grade Points

6.08 ~Special Story~
Get CG

6.11 Right?! (Intimacy +7)
I didn’t do anything.

6.13 The sun [No change]
Men [No change]
Flowers (Intimacy +7)
No Relation [No change]

Day 7: The Plucked Flower

7.03 That’s true, but still…
Thanks. (Intimacy +7)

7.04 You can’t say that! (Intimacy +7)
Are you up to something?

7.05 The present (Intimacy +7)
Things hindering us
The future
Answers to our problems

7.07 Fine. (Intimacy +7)
I can’t.

7.10 Took you that long to catch on? (Intimacy +7)
I’m nothing special.

7.11 ~Special Story~
Get CG 

7.12 ~Magic Challenge: Avatar Mission~ 
Premium: Little Eress (Charm +40) - 400 Coins
Normal: Wine Glass with Flawless Rose (Charm +10) - 100 Coins or 3,000 Lune

Day 8: Rumors

8.01 It’s nothing.
I’m not feeling well. (Intimacy +7)

8.03 Handicrafts
Smithing (Intimacy +7)

8.04 That’s okay! (Intimacy +7)
Thank you…

8.08 …Okay.
Why?! (Intimacy +7)

8.09 ~Magic Challenge: Magic Grade~
Need 7,000 Magic Grade Points

8.09 I wonder.
I do love him. (Intimacy +7)
No, I’m not.

Day 9: Unusual Phenomenon

9.01 It is. (Intimacy +7)
I’m happy.

9.04 Not Sure.
Look for Joel. (Intimacy +7)
Return home.
Go back to the dorm.

9.05 Eress [No change]
The fairy flower [No change]
The world of fairies [No change]

9.06 Yeah…
It’ll be okay. (Intimacy +7)

9.08 ~Magic Challenge: Magic Grade~
Need 9,500 Magic Grade Points

9.08 That’s not true. (Intimacy +7)
It isn’t your fault.

Day 10: I’ll Protect You Until The End

10.01 I do, though. (Intimacy +7)
So what?

10.02 Don’t eavesdrop. (Intimacy +7)
Listen in.

10.04 I’m sorry… (Intimacy +7)
What are you talking about?

10.05 That’s true.
That’s not true… (Intimacy +7)

10.06 The present and your obstacles (Intimacy +7)
The present and the future
The present and the final outcome
The future and the past

10.08 ~Magic Challenge: Magic Grade~
Need 11,250 Magic Grade Points

10.08 ~Special Story~
Get CG x3

Day 11 - Part 1: The King of Fairies’ Castle

11(1).01 It’s a good plan! (Intimacy +7)
It’ll never work…

11(1).05 To protect me. (Intimacy +7)
He hates me.

11(1).06 I don’t like either choice.
My voice. (Intimacy +7)

11(1).07 I guess so… (Intimacy +7)
Don’t be silly!

11(1).08 I’m ready. (Intimacy +7)
I’m a little scared…

11(1).10 ~Magic Challenge: Avatar Mission~
 Premium: House in Reitz – 500 Coins
Academy Courtyard – 400 Coins or 8,000 Lune

Day 11 - Part 2: Song of Memory

11(2).05 ~Special Story~
Get CG x2

11(2).06 I’m sorry. (Intimacy +7)
I can explain…

11(2).08 ~Magic Challenge: Magic Grade~
Need 14,500 Magic Grade Points

11(2).08 What should we do?
It’s fine! (Intimacy +7)

11(2).09 A flower [No change]
A book [No change]
A mirror [No change]
The moon [No change]

Day 11 - Part 3: Light of Restoration

11(3).02 Sorry! I’ll get off!
Let’s stay like this. (Intimacy +7)

11(3).04 It was just a coincidence.
Guess I can be useful sometimes. (Intimacy +7)

11(3).05 Yeah. (Intimacy +7)

11(3).08 The Fool [No change]
The flower on the card [No change]
The card’s meaning [No change]
The card’s number [No change]

11(3).11 ~Special Story~
 Get CG x2

Day 12: By Your Side Forever
12.01 I hope she’s okay…
Then I’m sure she’s fine. (Intimacy +7)

12.02 I don’t have that kind of power. (Intimacy +7)
Am I a genius?!

12.03 She must be lonely…
She’s fine. (Intimacy +7)

12.05 I don’t want anything.
In that case… (Intimacy +7)

12.06 ~Magic Challenge: Avatar Mission~
 Premium: Favourite Childhood Dress – 1,000 Coins
Normal: Fairy Wings Dress – 500 Coins or 10,000 Lune

12.08 It’s all right. (Intimacy +7)
It’s terrible.

Happy End:
Need 338+ Intimacy

Normal End:
Need 225-338 Intimacy

Unhappy End:
Need 0-225 Intimacy


  1. 11(1).10 ~Magic Challenge: Avatar Mission~
    Premium: House in Reitz – 500 Coins
    Normal: Academy Courtyard – 300 Coins or 6500 Lune, Now is 400 coins or 8000 lune

    1. Thanks Lilian! I didn't notice, that they changed the price for the normal route... or I wrote the wrong numbers in the first place... (^^,') Anyways, thanks for telling!

  2. Hello! I was just wondering if the premium clothing and accessories would depend on what ending you would have. Because I know that I won't be able to get all of the premium stuff but I will do all of the answers correct. So I was wondering if I needed the premium stuff to get the happy ending