17 January, 2016

[Walkthrough] My Forged Wedding (Party) - Takao Maruyama Season 2

(Note: Special Thanks to Hana for the Walkthrough!)
If you want to know how to increase your Chemistry, go to the "How to play?" page.

Season 2: Main Story

Episode 1: Greeting the Maruyama Family!

A: I want to know everything about you. (+10 Chemistry)
B: Wouldn't you be interested too?

A: Who else could affect me like that? (+10 Chemistry) 
B: Play dumb and say: "Who knows...?"

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Episode 2: In my Dreams!

A: You were in it.
B: You gave me a piece of celery. (+10 Chemistry)

A: As long as you're by my side, I'm happy! (+10 Chemistry)
B: I'll let you know, if I think of anything.

~Avatar Mission~
Normal Route
Sweet Route
(If you play the Sweet Route, you get a CG!)

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Episode 3: TV Debut?!

A: I've realized my true feelings. (+10 Chemistry)
B: You should find someone too, Saeki.

A: How great you were, Takao!
B: How funny Yuta was. (+10 Chemistry)

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Episode 4: Our Maruyama Family Promise!

A: You're so handsome...
B: You're so caring and sincer. (+10 Chemistry)

A: No, you're not wrong...
B: I wish I could think that way too... (+10 Chemistry)

~Wife Point Mission~
Need 20,000 Wife Points

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Episode 5: A Letter with No Name?!

A: You're more suited to being in front of the camers, Yuta. (+10 Chemistry)
B: I'll be your manager.

A: Smile and say nothing's wrong. (+10 Chemistry)
B: Play it off by telling him, you didn't get enough sleep.

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Episode 6: A Memory on the Balcony!

A: That just goes to show you how powerful flowers can be.
B: I was inspired by the way you guys were cheering him up. (+10 Chemistry)

A: Say: "I can't wait!", without any hesitation. (+10 Chemistry)
B: Ask with embarrassment: "A bath together?!"

~Avatar Mission~
Normal Route
Sweet Route
(If you play the Sweet Route, you get a CG!)

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Episode 7: My Morning Back to Work

A: Do you mind, if I wait up for you? 
B: Tell him you'll eat without him (+10 Chemistry)

A: I don't want to get in your way either. (+10 Chemistry)
B: You're the reason I can work so hard...

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Episode 8: Tear Stained Sunset!

A: I worry about you beacause you work too hard!
B: Are you sure? (+10 Chemistry)

A: Flash him a smile (+10 Chemistry)
B: Call out to the guys to change the subject

Need 44,000 Wife Points

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Episode 9: A Unsuspicious Heart!

A: You now him so well.
B: You know me so well. (+10 Chemistry)

A: Please, come back! (+10 Chemistry)
B: Why did you leave?

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To get the Super Happy End you need 240 Chemistry.
To get the Happy End you need 200 Chemistry.

Super Happy End

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