January 31, 2016

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Blood in Roses + Raymond

(*Note: Special Thanks to Cathrin and to Llyn for their Walkthroughs!)

Main Story
(*Note: Decide which Ending you want right from the beginning and try to stick to it when choosing an answer, otherwise you might not be able to get either Ending. For the Serenade Ending you need +85 Moonlight Points and for the Toccata Ending you need +85 Sunlight Points.)

Day 1:

1.05 Forget it! [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]
Glare at them silently [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]

1.08 I woke up a while ago. [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]
Thank you for carrying me. [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]

(Get a Diary)

Day 2:

2.04 Well, I’m sorry to have bothered you then! [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]
Still, thank you. [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]

2.06 Love Challenge: Avatar Item
Orange Beaded Bracelet - 500 Tokens

2.06 ~Special Story~
Get CG

2.07 Don’t say that. [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]
Stay silent [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]

(Get a Diary)

Day 3:

3.03 Decline [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]
Ask for Raymond’s permission [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]

3.06 Love Challenge: Avatar Item
Premium: Red Rose Handkerchief – 500 Coins ->Get a CG
Normal: White Gloves – 350 Coins or 3,500 Tokens

3.09 It’s delicious. [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]
I didn’t know you liked to drink milk. [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]

(Get a Diary)

Day 4:

4.04 Love Challenge: Lady Level
Need 1,000 Lady Level Points

4.05 I didn’t know you could make that expression. [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]
It’s nothing. [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]

4.08 Follow Raymond [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]
Leave him alone for now [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]

(Get a Diary)

Day 5:

5.02 He’s important to me. [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]
He’s a partner I can rely on. [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]

5.07 Love Challenge: Avatar Mission
Premium: Black Rose Embroidered Dress – 750 Coins -> Get a CG
Normal: Elegant Deep Green Dress – 400 Coins or 7,500 Tokens

5.09 Block the exit [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]
Grab his arm [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]

(Get a Diary)

Day 6:

6.04 Stay silent [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]
It’s Raymond. [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]

6.05 Love Challenge: Lady Level
Need 4,000 Lady Level Points

6.07 You don’t have to be so mean. [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]
Is that what you really think? [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]

(Get a Diary)

Day 7:

7.02 Of course not. [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]
That’s right. [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]

7.05 Love Challenge: Lady Level
Need 5,000 Lady Level Points

7.09 Close my eyes [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]
Ask what is wrong [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]

(Get a Diary)

Day 8:

8.03 Tell him my feelings [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]
Tell me how you feel. [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]

8.05 Love Challenge: Lady Level
Need 6,000 Lady Level Points

8.09 If it’s you, I don’t mind. [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]
I just wasn’t mentally prepared yet. [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]

(Get a Diary)

Day 9:

9.02 Stutter without knowing what to say [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]
I was. [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]

9.03 Love Challenge: Avatar Item
Premium: Gem Headpiece with Leaves – 900 Coins -> Get a CG
Normal: Red Rose High Heel Boots – 500 Coins or 10,000 Tokens

9.07 Ask Raymond if he does [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]
Answer that it could never happen [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]

(Get a Diary)

Day 10:

10.02 Love Challenge: Lady Level
Need 12,000 Lady Level Points

10.06 You need to rest. [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]
What are you going to do? [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]

10.09 Love Challenge: Lady Level
Need 14,000 Lady Level Points

10.10 Make him drink vampire blood [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]
Try to save him with magic [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]

(Get a Diary)


Toccata Ending: +85 Sunlight Get a CG
Serenade Ending: +85 Moonbeam Get a CG
Farewell Ending: If you couldn't reach neither +85 Moonbeam nor Sunlight


  1. Is Raymond's story that good? o: I'm thinking about going through with him, but I'm deciding between him and Daniel and I dunno which is better..

    1. If you still can't decide on those both, how about you play the new character Humphrey in the meantime? ^^ Maybe afterwards you can decide better on which character you want to play next.

  2. What the difference between the Toccata Ending and the Serenade Ending?

    1. They are both good endings, but in one you might become a vampire and in the other you avoid that and stay human.

  3. Which ending should I go for toccata or serenade?

  4. Toccata is the best ending.
    I am reading Raymond's Story, and so far I'm really enjoy it.

  5. Do you please have photos of the love challenge items and clothing please

    1. I'm sorry, but I still haven't played Raymond's route myself, so I also don't have any screenshots of the items.
      However, you should be able to find them in the avatar items/clothing store.