17 February, 2016

[Walkthrough] Twilight Hunters - Aito

Main Story

Episode 1
Stare at Aito.
 Tell him, "I respect you."

Episode 2
You're the serious type too, Aito.
Look at Aito because you don't know what to say.

Episode 3
I want Aito to come too.
He has already become a sense of strength.

Episode 4
It made me happy.
I had a nightmare.

Episode 5
Give into my worry and cry.

Episode 6
You'r non-work clothes are cool too.
Squeeze my eyes shut from the worry.

Episode 7
Tell Aito, "I'm going too."
Tell Aito.

Episode 8
Call for Aito!
Mutter, "I'll do my best too."

Episode 9
Stand up, thinking it might be Aito.
I betrayed him.

Episode 10
I'm concerned too.
Ask them to give Aito my thanks.

Episode 11
(I have no other choice.)
Thank Seri.

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