10 February, 2016

[Walkthrough] Twilight Hunters - Seri

Main Story

Episode 1
Say, "OK" obediently.
... I know what will happen.

Episode 2
Can I at least contact my friend?
That's not true.

Episode 3
Ask Seri if he's popular among women.
Look to Seri for help.

Episode 4
Tell him you think he's an expert at his job.
Tell her about Seri's true identity.

Episode 5
I'm fine.
I'm waiting for someone.

Episode 6
I turned to Seri.
I felt that I am useless.

Episode 7
... thought you were a stern person.
I thought Seri had a strong feeling of responsibility.

Episode 8
Wish for Seri's safe return.
Worry about Seri's safety.

Episode 9
Pray for Seri's rescue.
I was full of rage.

Episode 10
I wanted to see you.
Rest my body against Seri's chest.

Episode 11
Promise myself that I will not give up.
She stopped for a moment, puzzled.

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