29 June, 2016

[Walkthrough] Bad Boys do it Better! - Akira Sakaki

(*Note: Special Thanks to Samoaya for sending me this Walkthrough!)

Main Story

After Class Romance Ending

Episode 1
You pervert!
Try to scream
Episode 2
You can go home.

Episode 3
Pull back(love action)
He’s a good singer.

Episode 4
Look away
He stole my first kiss.
Episode 5
He’s not a pervert like you.
Pull back (love action)

Episode 6
My cheek hurts.
Hmm, okay!

Episode 7
Sorry, that I’m so childish.
Pull back (love action)
Episode 8
Oh, you're going too?
 You do seem fine.

Episode 9
What about you?
Pull back (love action)

Episode 10
Why did you decide so suddenly?
I’ll be okay.

Episode 11
It's up to you.
Start crying
Episode 12
That might be trouble.
I’m okay.

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