14 June, 2016

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Eternal Vows - Suien

 (*Note: Special Thanks to Debra & Sarah for sending me their Walkthroughs!)

Main Story

Chapter 1
Thank you very much!
You aren't coming with us, Suien?
Maybe I'll call off running
This might work
Ask for Suien's opinion

Chapter 2
Maybe not
Train a little longer
Practice alone
What's Yataro doing?
It's nothing much

Chapter 3
[No choices]

Chapter 4
Go outside
I'm not an enemy

Chapter 5
Go to Suien's house
Ask if he's like to take a walk together
I just wanted to say hello

Chapter 6
I want to go visit Shuya's house

Chapter 7
Right side of the street

Chapter 8
I'm fine
But I want to practice my riding
I think I need to get a breath of fresh air
Go for a walk
I don't know

Chapter 9
Hit it away
Run away

Chapter 10
Wander around outside

Chapter 11
I'm just a little sister, even here?
Wait and say nothing

Chapter 12
Continue watching the mood in silence
Explain to him

Chapter 13
[No choices]

Chapter 14
Don't let go
Tell him that you are with him

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