24 July, 2016

Fan Art Page

Hello Everyone!

I'm Dawn's friend Haku and I made this place for everyone who would like to show their fan art. This hasn't necessary to be drawings, but can also be sewings, bakings (no kidding, I know some of you guys baked a cake or cookie with your favorite guy on it!), or any other fan art work.

Just send me a picture of it to: dawnire@gmail.com

  • Please make your fan art about something related to an Otome Game. You're free to pick whichever game you want, even those not posted here.
  • If you're a professional artist, looking to get commissioned, I'll post your work on the "Artists, show your work! -> Get commissioned!" -Page
  • You're free to draw whatever you want, but please no violent scenes!
  • Please add to your work your name or an alias, something we can call you, beside Anon.
  • You're free to send me a bunch of your example, I'll however only post about 5 CG's at most, to keep some space for any other interested artist.

Have fun creating your unique piece of fanart! ^^ 


And here comes the first artist:

Lenne Penry

Hi.  My name is Lenne Penry.  I'm a long time fan of otome games and I also love to write and so I decided to put these two things together into otome novels.  My otome novels can be found on Amazon.com.  My first ongoing series is Polaris, the two titles under them are "Emperor of Nan Rong" and "Empress of Ning."  In each novel, the readers make choices to advance the MC, Bao Lai, and will be forced to choose between two different men in each book near the end.  "Emperor of Nan Rong" has four good endings and "Empress of Ning" has three good endings (one of which lets the MC have both men!)  All endings come with CGIs.

The premise of Polaris is that Bao Lai is mistaken for missing emperor, He Pi, and is taken in as a substitute. In "Emperor of Nan Rong," the men in His Majesty's life project unusual behaviors toward Bao Lai but she isn't sure if it's due to her gender or if because she resembles He Pi.  In "Empress of Ning," two more routes open up and she is able to return to Ning and find another love interest.

In my next book, which is in progress, Bao Lai's adventures will be outside palace walls and she'll be able to choose between the Demon General and another character but I've yet to decide which.  In the future, once all the routes are finished, I hope to compile them into one massive 10,000+ page books!

I've also written a couple other novels, one of which is an otome under the series "Poetess Xuan," which I may resume some time in the far future. In this series, the MC goes through one love interest's route at a time.

Please check out my works if you're interested and I appreciate all constructive feedback.
* My Amazon page: amazon.com/author/lennepenry
* My blog which has walkthroughs and cgis for the books: www.LennePenry.com



It's Amelia, the roomate of the main heroine from the series "Shall we date? Wizardess Heart!"
It's my first fanart I've ever made.. Why her? Well actually she's a very good friend in the game and I think she just deserves more attention :D 

Here is my deviantart: http://astutefrog.deviantart.com/

Enara 123 (Masha)

เน‘Hi, my name is Enara123! ๐Ÿ…ด๐Ÿ…ฝ๐Ÿ…ฐ๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ…ฐ➊ ➋ ➌

► I color manga comics. I use original picture/manga panel drawn by mangaka and edit it by making the lineart and coloring. You can find the colored pictures in my gallery in folder "Colorings".
► I draw anime arts.
► I do short animations. I use Photoshop cs6 for making the gif.
► Linearts. You should have proper base lines to make a good coloring. Yeah, I make those! You can see a lot of linearts in my gallery in folder named "LINEARTS".

I am in other places:

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