14 August, 2016

[Walkthrough] Samurai Love Ballad (Party) - Act 1: Song of Radiance: Nobunaga Oda

(*Note: Special Thanks to Cathrin & Hope for this Walkthrough!)

(*Note: The first 3 Chapters are shared routes where your choice of the answers are either in favor to Mitsuhide, or Nobunaga. You don't gain any Chemistry for those first 3 Chapters.)

Main Story - Act 1: Song of Radiance

(Shared Routes)

Chapter 1: Nobunaga's Poison Taster

I'm probably just tired from the journey. (+Mitsuhide)
It's all in your head. (+Nobunaga)
Apologize. (+Mitsuhide)
Run away. (+Nobunaga)

Chapter 2: Dangerous Dessert

I'm only a baker, My Lord. (+Mitsuhide)
Follow orders. (+Nobunaga)

Of course I do. (+Mitsuhide)
That's right. (+Nobunaga)

Chapter 3: Mercy and Kindness

I'm afraid of heights! (+Nobunaga)
It's too dangerous! (+Mitsuhide)

Run! Just run! (+Mitsuhide)
I'm too scared to run! (+Nobunaga)

Story Mission - Avatar Mission:
Love Route: Blue Hakama (Item Score +30): 3 Pearls + 1CG
Fate Route: Blue Scandals (Item Score +10): 1 Pearl or 500 Coins

Love Route: Lord Mitsuhide's Rice Balls

(*Note: Now you have to choose a route. You can choose between Mitsuhide or Nobunaga. If you're not sure which one, you can always read his story Sneak a Peak.)

(Main Route)

Chapter 4: The Lord's Displeasure

Unlock: „Nobunaga's Basic“ Castle Lottery

Part 1.02
I can do it on my own.
Give her an easy task. (+5 Chemistry)

Part 2.02
Is it really all right? (+5 Chemistry)
I couldn't possibly be so disrespectful.

Story Mission - Skill Points:
Need 100 Skill Points to pass this Checkpoint

Chapter 5: Seto Village

 Part 1.03
Where are we going!? (+5 Chemistry)
Please let me down!

Part 2.03
I'm so sorry… (+5 Chemistry)
The horse licked me…

Story Mission - Avatar Mission:
Love Route: Colonial Butterfly Kimono (Item Score +80): 8 Pearls + 1CG
Fate Route: Colonial Boots (Item Score +50): 5 Pearls or 2.500 Coins

Love Route: Sugar Stars

Chapter 6: Love's Trap

Part 1.02
I think I do understand. (+5 Chemistry)
I understand, but I won't accept them.

Part 2.02
Run away.
Apologize. (+5 Chemistry)

Chapter 7: Kanegasaki

Part 1.03
 Ranmaru has been teaching me.
Politics or not, I care about Lady Oichi. (+5 Chemistry)

Part 2.05
I'm sorry.  (+5 Chemistry)
We should rest.

Story Mission - Avatar Mission:
Love Route: Colonial Darted Kimono (Item Score +100): 12 Pearls + 1CG
Fate Route: Colonial Cape (Item Score +80): 8 Pearls or 4.000 Coins

Love Route: Delirium

Chapter 8: Two Brothers

Unlock: „Nobunaga's At Home“ Castle Lottery 

Part 1.01
You don't want me!
With pleasure, Milord (+5 Chemistry)

Part 2.02
I'll make new ones!
Okay, so they're not that pretty… (+5 Chemistry) 
Story Mission - Skill Points:
Need 8,000 Skill Points to pass this Checkpoint

Chapter 9: The Lord's Pride

Part 1.04
You shouldn't do his.
Is there nothing else to be done? (+5 Chemistry)

Part 2.03
Force a smile. (+5 Chemistry)
Get angry.

Chapter 10: Nagashima

Part 1.03 
I want to make sure she is alright. (+5 Chemistry)
Just leave.

Part 2.02
I just want to help you.
I wanted you to have it. (+5 Chemistry)

Story Mission - Skill Points:
Need 25,000 Skill Points to pass this Checkpoint

Chapter 11: The Ties that Bind

Unlock: „Nobunaga's Private Castle“ Castle Lottery 

Part 1.05
I can't.
He told me to get out … (+5 Chemistry)

Part 2.05
I only want to serve My Lord. (+5 Chemistry)
Don't be ridiculous.

Chapter 12: Battle of Nagashino

Part 1.05
Shove Lord Mitsuhide away.
Try to explain. (+5 Chemistry)

Part 2.03
It was a mistake. (+5 Chemistry)
I should've gone home.

Ending Requirement:

Divine Ending: 55 Chemistry, 43.000 Skill Points
Noble Ending: 43.000 Skill Points

Chapter 13: Devil's Tears
(Divine Ending)

(No choices)

(get Letter + CG + Lady Oda Kimono)

[Epilogue: Nobunaga's Divine Rule]


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    1. Hi!
      I'll ask my friend who wrote all te Walkthrough's for this game, if she would make one for this route as well, but I'm not sure, if she still plays the game and if, when she will be done with the Walkthrough. In the meantime you can find a Walkthrough on this page -> http://www.noobabble.com/samurai-love-ballad-party-oda-nobunaga-act-2-guide/
      Hope this helps you and happy playing!