14 August, 2016

[Walkthrough] Samurai Love Ballad (Party) - Act 1: Song of Radiance: Yukimura Sanada

(*Note: Special Thanks to Cathrin & Hope for this Walkthrough!)

(*Note: The first 3 Chapters are shared routes where your choice of the answers are either in favor to Yukimura, or Saizo. You don't gain any Chemistry for those first 3 Chapters.)

Main Story - Act 1: Song of Radiance

(Shared Routes)

Chapter 1: Sanada and the Ten Braves

Look away from Yukimura. (+Saizo)
Stare back at Yukimura. (+Yukimura)

(I'm too scared to answer.) (+Yukimura)
No. (+Saizo)

Chapter 2: Yukimura's Teaching

Hit him lightly. (+Saizo)
Hit him hard. (+Yukimura)

(Lord Yukimura, help me …!) (+Yukimura)
(Someone help me …!) (+Saizo)

Chapter 3: The Man in the Fox Mask

Sasuke, run. (+Saizo)
Sasuke, go get help. (+Yukimura)

Of course I want to. (+Yukimura)
I'm fine with staying weak. (+Saizo)

Story Mission - Avatar Mission:
Love Route: Red Hakama (Item Score +30): 3 Pearls + 1CG
Fate Route: Red Scandals (Item Score +10): 1 Pearl or 500 Coins

Love Route: Yukimura and Saizo

(*Note: Now you have to choose a route. You can choose between Yukimura or Saizo. If you're not sure which one, you can always read his story Sneak a Peak.)

(Main Route)

 Chapter 4: ???

Unlock: „Yukimura's Basic“ Castle Lottery

Part 1.0?
Don't throw your life away!  (+5 Chemistry)
You're taking this too far!“

Part 2.0?
You've got it wrong.  (+5 Chemistry)
Look at Saizo.

Story Mission - Skill Points:
Need 100 Skill Points to pass this Checkpoint

Chapter 5: A Man's Responsibility

Part 1.0?
Please just calm down.
I'm thankful but… (+5 Chemistry)

Part 2.0?What do you intend to do?
I want you to talk to me. (+5 Chemistry)

Story Mission - Avatar Mission:
Love Route: Wanderer Kimono (Item Score +80): 8 Pearl's + 1CG
Fate Route: Wanderer Parasol (Item Score +50): 5 Pearls or 2.500 Coins

Love: Holding Hands

Chapter 6: The Meaning of Six Coins

Part 1.0?
(I can't just sit here.)
Please let me. (+5 Chemistry)

Part 2.0?
Thank you. (+5 Chemistry)
I wouldn't say that.

Story Mission - Skill Points:
Need 8,000 Skill Points to pass this Checkpoint

Chapter 7: A Binding Promise

Part 1.0?
What're you going to do?
This is awkward, isn't it? (+5 Chemistry)

Part 2.0?
I'm glad you enjoyed it. (+5 Chemistry)
That was nothing.

Chapter 8: I'm Home

Unlock: „Yukimura's At Home“ Castle Lottery  

Part 1.0?
Of course not.
Does it seem that way? (+5 Chemistry)

Part 2.0?
I'm happy. (+5 Chemistry)
I'm relieved.

Story Mission - Avatar Mission:
Love Route: Festival Kimono (Item Score +100): 12 Pearls + 1CG
Fate Route: Violet Hairpin (Item Score +80): 8 Pearls or 4.000 Coins

Love Route: Shelter From the Rain

Chapter 9: Sanada Brothers, To Kyoto

Part 1.0?
(That was close, though … ) (+5 Chemistry)
You're not interrupting.

Part 2.0?
But you've never worked in a restaurant.
I wouldn't feel right about it. (+5 Chemistry)

Chapter 10: Bad Omen

Part 1.0?
Was it more tiring than fighting?
Did you enjoy it? (+5 Chemistry)

Part 2.0?
(I wonder if he's okay …?)
(I know he's okay.) (+5 Chemistry)

Story Mission - Skill Points:
Need 25,000 Skill Points to pass this Checkpoint

Chapter 11: A Will to Live

Unlock: „Yukimura's Private Castle“ Castle Lottery

Part 1.0?
Silently leave.
I'm sorry to interrupt. (+5 Chemistry)

Part 2.0?
I definitely won't. (+5 Chemistry)
I couldn't if I want to.

Chapter 12: Surprise Attack

Part 1.0?
Say nothing.  (+5 Chemistry)
It's the worst I've ever dealt with.

Part 2.0?
You're right about that.
But I want to.  (+5 Chemistry)

Ending Requirement:

Divine Ending: 55 Chemistry, 43.000 Skill Points
Noble Ending: 43.000 Skill Points

Chapter 13: Reason to Live
(Divine Ending)

(No choices)

(get Letter + CG + Lady Sanada Kimono)

[Epilogue: A Wife's Promise]

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