15 August, 2016

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In the war-torn Sengoku Era...
To save your brother's life, you go to serve at the castle.
But...who would await you there but the samurai who would stop at nothing to rule Japan...!
Though both of you know death is waiting...

"I swear to protect you...on my sword, and on my very life itself..."

His hidden charms pull you into a desperate love of warring hearts!
Meet twelve brave samurai with their own passionate desires...
The love stories that will turn the tides of history...all start with you!


(All Characters, Stories and Pictures belong to © Voltage Inc.)
Samurai Love Ballad: PARTY- Opening Movie on YouTube by VoltageOfficialPV

My Rating:

Fun: ★★★☆☆
Drama: ★★★★☆
 Horror: ★★★☆☆
Mature content: ★★★☆☆
Love: ★★★★☆
Art quality: ★★★★☆


I was hesitant to play this game, since I got the feeling that you have to really get into the game to keep up with who is who and all the historic facts. The characters, battles and almost all history related parts of the game, really did happen in Japan. Might be that some of the facts aren't totally 100% accurat, but it gave me some insight in the Japanese history. My fear was also that the game would be too full of historic facts and all the battles and fights, to create a good love story, but Voltage did a good job in balancing to mention the battles and giving MC and her chosen guy some time to fall in love.
If you're curious about the game or don't know which guy to pick, try the first free episodes of every character for Free!

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Advices before you start playing:
  •  Save your progress by registering your account in the Transfer Data Section, that you can find when you click on "Support". This prevents your data from getting lost, if you should loose your device or your device isn't working proberly anymore or if you want to switch device. 
  • Add as many Game-Friends as you can. You'll need their help in the Cooking Classes.
  • DON'T waste your Pearls for some random stuff. Save them for the Story Missions to get the CG's and the Divine Ending. You also need 1 Pearl from time to time, to expand your closet.
  • DON'T waste your Coins on clothes. You'll need the money to buy clothes for the mission (*Note: Divine Route clothes (Love) can only be bought with Pearls or REAL money...).
  • Other possibility to receive clothes = log in 30 times (only valid once), complete a Main Story Route, spin the Fashion Lottery (first spin free, afterwards needs to be bought with Pearls).
  • DON'T waste your Onigiri on random Samurais. Focus on one until you reach the End, and switch afterwards to a new one. This way you can get all of his Prizes. You can check his prizes in the Tea Garden -> Prize Route
  • Log in 30 times to receive bonus gifts and a special Picture for the 30th time (you'll only receive prizes for the first 30 log-in's).
  • Do "Cooking Classes" to get Coins, Onigiri and Skill Points (you need a certain amount of Skill points to pass missions). Cooking Classes cost Energy and one Energy gets restored every hour. Your chance to win depends on if your Item Score is higher than that of your Enemy. If you have an Ally, 1/5 of her Item score will be added to yours, which raises your chances to win.
  • You can raise your Item Score with getting more clothes, or playing the Castle Lottery. The furniture you get in the Castle Lottery can be redecorated in the Castle.
  • Serve Onigiri's to the Samurai of your choice in the "Tea Garden" to get special Prizes. You can get Onigiri, by reading the Diary, doing the Cooking Classes and Visiting your Allies.
  • Invite as many friends as possible. They'll help you complete "Cooking Classes" and you can visit them daily to get more Onigiris. 
  • You can check your Chemistry level, if you go to the "Home" page, and click on your Samurai.


Act 1: Song of Radiance


Act 2: Song of Radiance


Act 1: Song of Shadow



*Note: Due to the new Voltage Inc/Voltage Entertainment USA "guideline", I won't post any Voltage Inc CG's anymore. I don't want my Blog to be shut down, so I'll refrain from posting them anywhere, until I get the official OK from the company itself. I'm very sorry for those who were looking forward to see the CG's of this game, but I rely on your understanding for my situation.
Thank you and keep having fun with the game! 


P.S: Although I haven't posted their CG's, I listed all released stories here, just for your information. 

  • Nobunaga Oda: Song of Radiance: Act 1, Act 2
  • Mitsuhide Akechi: Song of Radiance: Act 1, Act 2
  • Yukimura Sanada: Song of Radiance: Act 1
  • Saizo Kirigakure: Song of Radiance: Act 1
  • Masamune Date: Song of Radiance: Act 1
  • Kojuro Katakura: Song of Radiance: Act 1
  • Hideyoshi Toyotomi: Song of Radiance: Act 1
  • Toshiie Maede (Inuchiyo): Song of Radiance: Act 1
  • Ieyasu Tokugawa: Song of Radiance: Act 1
  • Mitsunari Ishida: Song of Radiance: Act 1
  • Kenshin Uesugi: Song of Radiance: Act 1
  • Shingen Takeda: Song of Radiance: Act 1
  • Shigezane Date: Song of Radiance: Act 1
  • Sakuya Fujibayashi: Song of Shadow: Act 1
  • Sasuke Sarutobi: Song of Shadow: Act 1

If you encounter a problem:
- If you play on android, please send an e-mail to: tenka_en_j@inq.voltage.co.jp
- If you play on iOS, fill in the Inquiry Form on THIS page.

Dear User/Guest, if you have some time, please check out the Credits Page.
I listed there everyone who I wanted to thank for their help with this blog.


  1. Replies
    1. Soon - a friend of mine is already working on it!

  2. If I choose the same chareter after completing his story once, will the story be different? Or should I just choose another character? But then all my progress will bs lost.

    1. The stories will be the same but if you choose the Noble Ending, it will be slightly different. The Noble ending follows the same story as the Divine ending but in your Samurai's POV instead. Unlike the Diving Ending, the Noble does not have an epilogue.

      If you finish a character's story and start on a new character, you won't loose your process. Unless you switch characters in the middle of playing another samurai's story, you will loose your process.

    2. The story will be the same, no matter how often you play it, so it would be best to just choose another character, to have more fun! ^^ The progress will be lost, even if you play the same character again. The game is made that way to give the players a task (or checkpoint) they have to fulfill, before they can read the story. Otherwise it would be too easy, wouldn't it? ^^ If you're not sure who to play, you can read the "Sneal Peek" to learn more about the characters.

    3. Thanks a lot to both of you. Now I can continue the game. ☺

  3. I started kenshin 's route again to read the noble end and I noticed that the epilogue of diving end is gone!!!
    I'm really sad because I thought it was saved in the album and I could read anytime!
    So the epilogues are available just for while? when I change de character or even if I play the same one again, I lost it?

    1. Omg! I'm so sorry to hear that. I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think that the Epilogue should vanish. Did you finish reading through the noble ending? Maybe it reappears after completing the route? If not, how about you contact Voltage Inc directly via the support center in the game. Maybe it's just a bug and they can send you the epilogue?
      I hope everything works out for you and a Merry Christmas!


  4. Hey guys do you know when they are going to add Shingen?

  5. If I choose the same character were I already finished one ending (ex.divine ending+epilogue) and re choose him can I skip the story and read only the other ending (ex. Noble ending)??

    1. Sorry don't reply I've now seen the answer in the frequently asked questions. Sorry for the trouble

    2. What's the answer here? I can't seem to find the FAQs... Can the story be skipped?

  6. will you be adding the "2nd Act" as well?

    1. I have to ask the friend of mine who made all the walkthorugh's for this game, if she makes one.

  7. Do we need to replay the route twice to play both of his endings, or can we play both endings without doing the same exact route again?

  8. I read the noble endings first now I'm back for the divine. But last time when I read the noble, I'd already covered enough chemistry to finish the divine ending even. But this time, what if I don't cover enough chemistry for the divine ending? Will I have to settle for the noble ending again? :/
    Or will last time's chemistry get me through???

    Also, how much is the skill point requirement for the endings? 43K?

  9. did you know there is a shadow season one now the regular seasons are called radiance

  10. Will you be adding the ninjas? I noticed you have recently added shige

    1. I don't play the game myself anymore, so it depends on if someone sends me their Walkthrough.