08 September, 2016

[Walkthrough] Samurai Love Ballad (Party) - Act 1: Song of Radiance: Ieyasu Tokugawa

(*Note: Special Thanks to Cathrin, Samantha & Hope for their Walkthrough's!)

(*Note: The first 3 Chapters are shared routes where your choice of the answers are either in favor to Ieyasu, or Mitsunari. You don't gain any Chemistry for those first 3 Chapters.)

Main Story - Act 1: Song of Radiance

(Shared Routes)

Chapter 1: The Sadist's Poison
1.02 Ask him (+5 Ieyasu)
Better not risk it. (+5 Mitsunari)

2.03 Glare fiercely at Mitsunari (+5 Ieyasu)
Let Mitsunari have it (+5 Mitsunari)

Chapter 2: Manju
1.01 Be a better person. (+5 Ieyasu)
Two can play that game. (+5 Mitsunari)

2.05 And if I did? (+5 Ieyasu)
I might've done... (+5 Mitsunari)

Chapter 3: The Taste of Absolute Victory
1.02 Why do they have to die? (+5 Mitsunari)
That's no excuse for murder! (+5 Ieyasu)

2.04 Well, about that... (+5 Ieyasu)
I'm sorry... (+5 Mitsunari)

Story Mission - Avatar Mission:
Love Route: Lilac Hakama (Item Score +30): 3 Pearl's + 1CG
Fate Route: Lilac Sandals (Item Score +10): 1 Pearl or 500 Coins

Love Route: The Bloody Kindred

(*Note: Now you have to choose a route. You can choose between Ieyasu or Mitsunari. If you're not sure which one, you can always read his story Sneak a Peak.)

(Main Route)

Chapter 4: Lord Ieyasu's New Chef

 Part 1.0?
 Don't risk it.
Please let me help you...  (+5 Chemistry)

Part 2.0?
 Say nothing
Please let me help you. (+5 Chemistry)

Story Mission - Skill Points:
Need 100 Skill Points to pass this Checkpoint

Chapter 5: With Animals or Children
  Part 1.0?
 Doesn't matter.
Yes, I want to go home. (+5 Chemistry)

Part 2.0?
 I should follow him.
He needs to eat. (+5 Chemistry)

Chapter 6: The Lord's True Heart
  Part 1.0?
 Lord Ieyasu, are you unwell?
(I knew I could win him over!!) (+5 Chemistry)

Part 2.0?
Of course.  (+5 Chemistry)
(I don't want to...)

Story Mission - Avatar Mission:
Love Route:  Cook's Kimono (Item Score +80): 8 Pearl's + 1CG
Fate Route: Cook's Apron (Item Score +50): 5 Pearls or 2.500 Coins

Love Route: The Metamorphosis

Chapter 7: Getting to Know You
Part 1.03
 (This has to be a trap.)
Tell him (+5 Chemistry)

Part 2.03 
 Do I have to say it?
I want you to trust me. (+5 Chemistry)

Story Mission - Skill Points:
Need 8,000 Skill Points to pass this Checkpoint

Chapter 8: The Petulant Child's Day Out
Part 1.0?
Try to calm him down (+5 Chemistry)
Stay out of it.

Part 2.0?
 It's just hot!
(This is kind of embarrassing...) (+5 Chemistry)

Story Mission - Avatar Mission:
Love Route: Archer's Kimono (Item Score +100): 12 Pearls + 1CG
Fate Route: Archer's Quiver (Item Score +80): 8 Pearls or 4.000 Coins

Love Route: Lord Nobunaga's Tournament

Chapter 9: Vague Replies

Part 1.0?
 No way, I don't want to die now.
What's the worse that could happen? (+5 Chemistry)

Part 2.0?
 Are you sure?
Thank you. (+5 Chemistry)

Chapter 10: The Taste of Compassion

Part 1.03
 Do you think I'm not worthy?
How are you going to eat? (+5 Chemistry)

Part 2.04
It's delicious, but... (+5 Chemistry)
What did you put in this?

Story Mission - Skill Points:
Need 25,000 Skill Points to pass this Checkpoint

Chapter 11: The Farewell Kiss

Part 1.0?
I'll be fine.
Of course I won't be. (+5 Chemistry)

Part 2.0? 
(I'm afraid of what he'll do...)
I want to go to him. (+5 Chemistry)

Chapter 12: The Fate of Traitors

Part 1.0?
 You pitiful dog!
How dare you hurt Lord Ieyasu! (+5 Chemistry)

Part 2.05
I'm sorry. (+5 Chemistry)
 But you still came for me, didn't you?

Ending Requirement:

Divine Ending: 55 Chemistry, 43.000 Skill Points
Noble Ending: 43.000 Skill Points

Chapter 13: Returning Home
(Divine Ending)

(No choices)

(get Letter + CG + Lady Tokugawa Kimono)


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