September 19, 2016

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Guard me, Sherlock! - Watson Season 1

(*Note: Special Thanks to Cathrin for this Walkthrough!)

Main Story

0.03  -Quiz Time-
M (Correct)

Get 3x CG's 

1.03 -Quiz Time-
February 7th
February 8th
February 9th (Correct)

1.09 -Sweetie Checkpoint-
Need 160pt

1.10 Get a CG

1.12 Exchange chat service contact information. (Best Choice)
Invite him to my apartment.

1.13 I trust you, John.
I trust all of you. (Best Choice)

2.04 -Quiz Time-
1 Time (Correct)
4 Times
5 Times

2.04 Look into his eyes.
Touch his hand. (Best Choice)

2.09 You're not misinterpreting things. (Best Choice)
I don't mind if you misinterpret things.

3.14 What kind of woman would you say is your type? (Best Choice)
What would you say you're attracted to in a woman?

3.16 Touch John on the shoulder.
Touch John's hand. (Best Choice)

3.17 -Sweetie Checkpoint-
Need 4,200pt

4.07 Rest my cheek against his shoulder.
Gently caress his back. (Best Choice)

4.08 Because you had your shirt off. (Best Choice)
I had this dream this morning …

4.14 -Quiz Time-
Mr. K
Mr. M. (Correct)
Mr. N

4.16 -Sweetie Checkpoint-
Need 6,800pt

5.02 Thanks, I'd appreciate that. (Best Choice)
It's all right. I'll apologize on my own.

5.08 Change the subject.
Say nothing, and continue to watch them. (Best Choice)

5.10 Get a CG

5.11 -Sweetie Checkpoint-
Need 10,000pt

5.14 -Quiz Time-
20 (Correct)

6.02 Get up right away. (Best Choice)
Stay where I am for a little while longer.

6.10 -Quiz Time-
38 (Correct)

6.10 I hope so, someday.
I wouldn't mind doing it right now… (Best Choice)

6.12 -Avatar Checkpoint-
Premium: Love Declaration Dress: 55 Jewel's + 1 CG
Normal: Love in the Air: 50 Jewel's or 4,900 Token

Chapter 7: Progress

7.04 -Quiz Time-
John. (Correct)

7.07 You're fine just the way you are. (Best Choice)
You'll beat Sherlock next time.

7.09 -Sweetie Checkpoint-
Need 15,900pt

7.10 Wait for John to kiss me. (Best Choice)
Kiss John on my own.

Chapter 8: Bookstore with no Name

8.04 Dodge the question. (Best Choice)
Tell him that we solved the code.

8.05 We haven't quite gotten there yet… (Best Choice)
Yep, we're engaged now. 

8.12 -Avatar Checkpoint-
Premium: Bookstore Without a Name [Background]: 55 Jewel's + 1 CG
Normal: Passed Book: 35 Jewel's or 3,500 Token

8.13 -Quiz Time-
Number 15
Number 30 (Correct)
Number 60

Chapter 9: Mysterious Thief

9.10 Embrace John.
Kiss John on the cheek. (Best Choice)

9.13 -Quiz Time-
360 Hours (Correct)
720 Hours
They'll never point in the same time again.

9.14 -Sweetie Checkpoint-
Need 25,700pt

9.14 Sherlock is Lupin. (Best Choice)
John is Lupin.

Chapter 10: Detective and Assistant

10.03 You're putting me in a difficult situation.
Thank you. (Best Choice)

10.07 Because John will keep me safe. (Best Choice)
Because I've got a first-rate assistant detective.

10.08 -Avatar Checkpoint-
Premium: Stage Gown [Background]: 65 Jewel's + 1 CG
Normal: Bloody M: 45 Jewel's or 4,400 Token

10.10 -Quiz Time-
The cherries.
The bananas.
Something else. (Correct)

Blissful Ending


1. Happy Ending = Default Ending
2. Blissful Ending  =  Picture's

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  1. season 1

    3.05 -Quiz Time-
    A is the demon, B is the angel, C is the human.
    A is the human, B is the demon, C is the angel. (Correct)
    A is the human, B is the angel, C is the demon.