07 October, 2016

Samurai Love Ballad (Party) - Talk Post

Hello everyone!

On this page you can add your own thoughts and opinion to the game.You can write which story you liked the best, what you think about the art style, the story in general and what you're most looking forward in this game.


Rules: (Sorry, but there need to be at least some basic rules)
- Please don't use insulting word.
- Please, NO SPAM!
- Please respect other gamers personal opinion and don't start a fight over their comments.



  1. Kenshin's main story soon!! I can't wait XD.His event story was beautifullllll and Toshie's one as well!

  2. i need help!
    i'm new to the game and i really want to do the new event, the one of the battle? and you need to give your samurai battle items? but i dont know how are you supposed to do it!! D:
    if you can help me i will thank you forever!

    1. You can get Battle Items by reading the Main Story, taking Cooking Classes or through your daily visit to your Allies. After you got them, you have to apply them to support your Clan. ^^

  3. I really need help on this! SO I haven't played the game in a while and I wanna change my guy but I forgot how too, I asked my friend but her being her.. Didn't want to help, Please help!!!

    1. Oh geez! It's been a while since I last played this game myself, but as far as I can remember, you just have to click on "Menu" and then in the row "Others" on the left side there is a button "Change Character"