20 November, 2016

[Walkthrough] My Memorial Lover - Atsuya

(*Note: Special Thanks to Nick for this Walkthrough!)

Main Story

Episode 1
--hot tea.
I’ll have the pancake, then!

Episode 2
You can count on me!
I’m sure that’d be fine.

Episode 3
I think you are doing you best.
Of course you can.

Episode 4
Would that help?
Is that because you can also shoot the parents?

Episode 5
Let’s get to work, then!
I’m actually better at baking.

Episode 6
I’m glad you came.
Of course! I worked hard for you!

Episode 7
I see, anytime.
It is a lot of fun

Episode 8
Did I do anything?
What is this all about?

Episode 9
It must have been hard.
So, how’s the presentation going?

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