21 November, 2016

[Walkthrough] Reverse Alice - Quentin

(*Note: Special Thanks to Banana for this Walkthrough!)

Main Story

Episode 1
Stay still.
Ask his feeling.

Episode 2
Take Cheshire's hand.
Ask him the way to do it.

Episode 3
Just say sorry.
I was worried about Quentin.

Episode 4
Hug him tightly.
Look at Quentin.

Episode 5
Say it's so Quentin.
Pull Quentin's hand.

Episode 6
Stay still.
Rest my cheek against him.

Episode 7
Slip out.
Apologize to him.

Episode 8
I don't care.
I stare at the King.

Episode 9
Believe him.
Decide to tell the truth.

Episode 10
I tell them I'm not the Queen.
Call Quentin.

Episode 11
I forgive you.
Tell him the truth.

Happy Ending

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