23 January, 2017

Shall we date?: Lost Alice + Joker Main Story CG's

(*Note: Special Thanks to Debra, Hope & Walisson for the CG's!)

Destined Love Ending #1
Destined Love Ending #2
Destined Love Ending #3
Promisd Future Ending #2
Promisd Future Ending #1

Completing All Endings Prize
Release Celebration Early Bird


  1. Can you post the early bird finish & event CGs on here too? I'd really like to see the CGs that came out before I joined.

    1. I have the CGs I always keep them on my computer, but I don´t know how to post here or I can send you if you want, you can look on tumblr for some CGs too, I got a lot from there, you can see the CGs from a lot of games, hope it can help you.

    2. Hi Alisson!

      I would be more than happy, if you could send me those CG's! You can e-mail them to me: dawnire@gmail.com
      THANK YOU! \(^^,)/


    3. So I gonna send you the CG´s : )