21 January, 2017

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Destiny Ninja 2 + Season 2: Main Story - Akira

(*Note: Special Thanks to Cathrin for this Walkthrough!)

Season 2: Main Story

Chapter 1

1.03 Take his hand.
Don't take his hand. [Intimacy Level is up by 7!]

Keep holding his hand.

1.07 Think about it.
Nod. [Intimacy Level is up by 7!]

Chapter 2

2.1  Picture

2.02 Stand up.
Stay here. [Intimacy Level is up by 7!]
Go elsewhere.

2.05 Go to Yayoi's room.
Go to Akira's room. [Intimacy Level is up by 7!]
Go to Ibuki's or Yoshimasa's room.

2.08 Love Choice
Premium: Layered Big Brow [Room]: 50 Coins or 1,000 Zeni

Chapter 3

3.01 It's you Akira.
[Intimacy Level is up by 7!]
It's Yoshimasa.
I don't recognize them.

3.04 Ayakashi Battle
500 Ninja Skill Points required

3.05 Leave me. [Intimacy Level is up by 7!]
Reach for Akira.

Chapter 4

4.03  Picture

4.03 I'm sorry.
I'm glad you're safe. [Intimacy Level is up by 7!]
Your hair …

4.06 It's not your fault.
I was scared.
It doesn't matter. [Intimacy Level is up by 7!]

4.09 Love Choice
Premium: Cat-patterned Kimono [Room]: 150 Coins
Normal: Cat-shaped Handbag [Room]: 100 Coins or 2.000 Zeni

Chapter 5

5.03 I'm not an object.
I'm embarrassed.
I'm yours? [Intimacy Level is up by 7!]

5.04 Ayakashi Battle
2,000 Ninja Skill Points required

5.06 My parents.
Related to the emperor. [Intimacy Level is up by 7!]
Somebody's descendants.

Chapter 6

6.02 We make a good team! [Intimacy Level is up by 7!]
We're a goofy couple!
Aren't I weak?

6.05 The past and the present are different.
We should obey Mitsuri.
I do what it feels right to me. [Intimacy Level is up by 7!]

6.07 Love Choice
Premium: Firefly String Lights [Garden]: 250 Coins
Normal: Firefly Lantern [Garden]: 100 Coins or 2.000 Zeni

Chapter 7

7.05 I'm embarrassed.
I'm relieved. [Intimacy Level is up by 7!]
I'm nervous.

7.06 Love Choice
Premium: Girly Dresser [Room]: 350 Coins
Normal: Scented Candle [Room]: 150 Coins or 3.000 Zeni

7.07 Kiss him. [Intimacy Level is up by 7!]
Hug him.
Look away.

Chapter 8

8.04 Feign ignorance.
Tell him.
Stay quiet. [Intimacy Level is up by 7!]

8.06 It's not a bad idea.
That's not true at all. [Intimacy Level is up by 7!]
You have a point.

8.08  Ayakashi Battle
4,000 Ninja Skill Points required

Chapter 9

9.03 Explore the estate.
Say it's a trap. [Intimacy Level is up by 7!]
Do nothing.

9.07 Ayakashi Battle
6,500 Ninja Skill Points required

9.08 I'm so happy.
I'm embarrassed.
I love you, too. [Intimacy Level is up by 7!]

Chapter 10

10.02 A guardian deity of Yamato Island?
An enemy?
Yoshimasa? [Intimacy Level is up by 7!]

10.05 Ayakashi Battle
10,000 Ninja Skill Points required

10.08 Was it an accident?
Wait for his answer? [Intimacy Level is up by 7!]
Was it intuition?

10.9  Picture

Chapter 11

11.02 Love Choice
Premium: Moss Balls on Wall [Garden]: 600 Coins
Normal: Moss Balls on the Wall [Garden]: 300 Coins or 6,000 Zeni

11.03 Hesitate.
Worry about his health.
Act like normal. [Intimacy Level is up by 7!]

11.08 That goes for you, too. [Intimacy Level is up by 7!]
I'm dumbfounded.
There must be another way.

Chapter 12

12.01 A care of each other.
The journey of love. [Intimacy Level is up by 7!]
Some set of words.

12.03 Love Choice
Premium: Magamata Dress [Room]: 900 Coins
Normal: Magatama Necklace [Room]: 500 Coins or 10,000 Zeni

12.08 Trees.

To get the Epilogue you have to do the Fortune Slip # 5!


  1. Hello! Just wanted to let you know that when I selected "sun" in the last episode I only got 4 intimacy

    1. Did you max out on your intimacy afterwards? It would do that having selecting all the right answers filling up to the max allowed

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. You're supposed to pick rain for the last answer. I just finished it and my intimacy bar was filled.